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No longer fighting a losing battle (hair products) – R&B by Lush

I believe every perfume lover out there, using hair products knows what a pointless fight it is to try and find a hair styling product that doesn’t have an overwhelming smell, that doesn’t even need to clash with your perfume in order to annoy you – it’s enough there is an additional smell wafting from you that isn’t the perfume you applied and at the same time is something you cannot go without.

I cannot go without hair styling products as I have short hair (and it requires styling products) but I also like to use serums for the ends, and generally products that make my hair look nice and shiny. 🙂

I no longer remember where did I read about this product, but I bought it last summer and used it for a while until I somehow fell out of practice (most likely because I bought something new).

I still remember how for a few days I kept turning around and trying to find out where was this nice jasmine-y smell coming from? And I couldn’t find it and I knew I wasn’t applying a perfume with those notes.

Eventually it did dawn on me it was wafting from my hair. 🙂

Even if the product wasn’t that good, I’d be buying it for the smell – it’s strong and lasting but it’s also so very nice to smell it wafting around you. I don’t remember smelling a Lush perfume I liked as much as I like the smell of this hair treatment.

R&B stands for Revive and Balance and well, I can’t say about revival as my hair didn’t really need it but I can see it is soft and shiny (and smells great).

It is primarily meant for thick hair and I can understand that as it’s quite thick in texture (like pomade) so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t fit the description, but those with thick hair probably know how difficult it is to hydrate your hair without making it look greasy. And this works great.
You would probably need to find your own amount to use because you can easily go overboard with this.

Basically, this product made me stop fighting the losing battle of hair products without a smell and I accepted this one whole-heartedly into my life. 🙂

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