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Perfume Consultant

That would be me. 🙂

Honestly, I am a bit proud now. Yesterday I managed to find two matches for someone. I’m especially happy because it was for a friend’s daughter who is 12 (going on 70) and all I had to go on was something neutral, that she can wear to school and that won’t bother her nose like all other perfumes she smells all the time.

The really helpful part is I know her since the day she was born so I could add some more ideas about what might suit her. I’ll tell you what I chose for her to try and what she finally selected (which were also the ones I thought she might latch onto).

As I was selecting perfumes from my collection for her to try and for me to get an idea what she might like (because neutral can be so many things), I realized I don’t really do neutral, no sillage, nobody knows I’m wearing perfume stuff. 😀

Still, I managed to locate some things that could fit the bill.

This is what I took for her to try:

Eau de Cartier – because it really is unisex, although not really very quiet

Puredistance Antonia – I sort of sneaked that one in not expecting her to like it for herself, but to give her an idea of quiet elegance

Different Company – Un parfum de Sens et Bois – a completely forgotten sample I accidentally found and loved for her

Serge Lutens Bas de Soie – I always think of iris as being the soft, quiet flower

Rue Rance Eau Sublime – a forgotten bottle I only recently realized I enjoy immensely

Any Tauer Penta Verdant green=neutral? sort of, but more to see whether she would associate the two

Romea d’Ameor The Great Inca Priestess – one I really like and only had a sample of (have no idea why they don’t have a webpage?)

I wonder what you think would be her choice(s) among these?

She loved both Sens et Bois and the Incan Priestess. Which are honestly so very easy to love and smell perfect on her.

Then we went in search of where they can be bought. It turns out they are not so easily obtainable in Croatia. But it also got me thinking how the proliferation of perfume brands and perfumes had two really bad impacts (at least in my case).

  1. I lost all will to try and follow what’s happening in the perfume world because who can keep track anymore
  2. But while I was still trying to keep track, I ignored the beautiful perfumes I already had at home, which are really pieces of art how well they are done, and it doesn’t seem they are given the praise and love they deserve (this is just my opinion, maybe I’m completely wrong)

Then again, I always thought that The Different Company wasn’t given the love it deserves. Now I think the same for the Inca Priestess.

Enveloped in lovely flowers

You know how I said the other day I was smelling perfumes that I didn’t feel I had the right words to describe? Well, I still don’t, but I don’t think I’ll be coming up with them any time soon and I do want to share with you this new-found classic that was born in the 21st century.

The two creations by Annie Buzantian for Puredistance are recent but they smell elegantly classic and as if they weren’t produced in these times.
As with Puredistance I, Antonia comes without any notes listed. Oh, I adore a good mistery. I just wish later someone would tell me how correct was I in my assumptions.
So let me tell you what captivated me with Antonia. Because that is what happened, even though when I first tried it, I still thought it couldn’t possibly beat Puredistance I for my affections.
It starts green, powdery and slightly earthy, there is a bitter quality to that greeness but at the same time, it evokes softness and warmth. A friend told me it smelled fresh to her which made me consider my own idea of fresh. My nose seems to have evolved in time when  fresh in my mind is linked with aquatic, ozonic, fabric softener ideas of fresh. This is not it. I realized later that this is what fresh must have smelled like in historical romance. Classic, soft, green and flowery.
After the initial slightly bitter feel to greeness (and brief flirting with soapiness), it just gets better and better. I cannot stop myself smelling it, I feel like someone perfumed my favourite cashmere sweater with lush flowers so that at the same time I feel warm and enveloped in a cloud of white, velvety flowers. It is like your favourite elegantly stylish aunt hugging you and the warmth and perfume that envelops you with all the love that is in that hug. Elegance and style are forever and smelling like that can never be wrong.
Today I’m finally wearing it not just testing it on my wrist. What can I say? It feels like it’s blooming on my skin. For something so soft and feminine, it has some serious tenacity and wonderful wafting capability. And I absolutely love the fact that 7 hours after applying it, I can still smell it around me.
It is never too sweet, something is hiding in there making it just perfectly poised with florals dancing around a base hiding a note that won’t let them drown in their own lushness and sweetness. It also makes me wonder if there is some kind of a juicy fruit note hidden in those flowers?
I want to thank Ninja of  Puredistance for sending me a sample of their new perfume. There is also one more reason I need to thank them. They made me realize that I actually love classic perfumes (I really didn’t think that before).
Picture was received as part of Puredistance release package.
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