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Meeting a fellow enthusiast

Until yesterday, I never met a fellow perfume enthusiast in real life, someone who won’t mind talking hour and half about perfumes, perfumers, notes, niche perfumery, what can be bought where in Zagreb, where is a good place to shop both here and online… It was only hour and a half because I had some other stuff I had to do, otherwise it would have taken longer. 🙂
We talked about what our favourite notes are, genres, perfumers, what do we think of the non-niche stuff, we smelled the samples we had with us, discusse why some things are just unbelievably expensive…
The time just flew by and there are so many things we didn’t even touch (so much left for the next time, and the time after that…)

Ankica is this lovely, vivacious, smiling young woman full of creative energy and ideas. And her ideas are not limited to her work, she was happily pointing out things I could do with my blog if I wanted to give it more time and effort. You never know, I just might listen to some of her advice.

What’s great in all this is the fact that Ankica is interested in creating her own perfumes and has already given me some of her creations to try. She has a much deeper knowledge of basic ingredients and how to mix them to get some wonderful results – I am totally in love with one of the creations she gave me to try, I really like one other and the third I tried is just not me, but there are more hidden gems in the little bag of samples she gave me so I’m already looking forward to trying them all out.
And I’m also looking forward to the next time we sit down surrounded by samples and enjoy some mutually enthusiastic company. 🙂

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