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When things don’t go right

I promise I will write about perfume soon. But before that, I just have to share some thoughts.

First, I was coloring my hair yesterday and had an epiphany. It wasn’t actually an epiphany but the bulb did light up in my brain. After a couple of years of using a towel.

First, a question for English native speakers – something that’s bothering me for years now. Does a couple of years mean exactly two, or does it like in Croatian (when you translate a couple into Croatian) it means exactly the same (two people in a relationship) but when applied to other things, like years for example, it means several, not only two? What is true in English because I’ve seen couple of months translated as two so I’m wondering now.

Ok, on to my realization. You see the picture. I have this towel that’s created for using solely on your hair. So, whenever I color my hair, I use that towel so I wouldn’t color any of the usual towels. My towel also has a rubberband thing that sort of ends up on the top of your head when you put the towel on it and I always just pull the end of the towel through and leave it all unfastened (because the idiot me didn’t realize it could be fastened). Until yesterday when I realized that the rubberband is supposed to be used as such and wound it 3 times around the tip of the towel to keep it strongly in place. Such an idiot! I cannot believe I didn’t realize this before. Does stuff like that happen to someone else as well?

And then I had another bad surprise. I started another Anita Blake novel. Which starts at St. Patrick’s day (that is the first sentence and spring is described). It also gives flashbacks to the last book saying the stuff from that book happened 5 weeks (or around a month ago). And the story in the previous book happened before Christmas and ends up with what she bought (after the big fights) to each of the characters. If someone has an explanation for this, I would love to hear it. I didn’t realize this first time I was reading the series, but now it just upsets the hell out of me. I will still read the book, but someone should have paid better attention when this was published.

Anyway, on to some good stuff. The color turned out great, fiery copper red. I love it.

The weekend is going to last 3 days which is always great news. It’s not going to be sunny or warm but spending it with family will make our hearts warm and that is most important.
Coming soon with a perfume review. And btw, even though I should really think of my budget now, I think there is no hope for me. I love TDC Charmes et Feuilles and need Amaranthine as well. Anyone has any of those and wants to swap?
And here are 2 pictures of my hair, and yes they were both taken today but they don’t look like the same color. In reality, it is exactly in between. It’s not this strange violet/magenta note, neither is it orangey like in the second picture. It is those two together (if you can picture that).

No inspiration

I have no inspiration for anything. I hate feeling like this but nevertheless, the feeling hits me couple of times a year. I hate it but since the overriding quality of the feeling is lethargy, I don’t really get even terribly upset. I just have no will to do anything (and that includes reading – that is the most serious symptom of all).
Anyway, it usually helps to talk about it so I decided to share my unwillingness to do anything with anyone who wants to read it. I don’t think many will be interested in reading about my lethargy though.
I got some wonderful samples from Jessica over at Signature scent but they are resting on my table waiting for better days. I was kind of hoping today would be that day after reading my horoscope which said yesterday was the worst day for me (true so far) but I don’t get the feeling that today is much better. And this being my birthday month and my horoscope predicts such lovely things to come, I can’t but wonder when exactly are they going to start happening?
The only thing today that I believe is going to help me get back on my usual optimistic track is the NIke rockstar workout starting this evening at my gym. I was so sick lately that my regular exercising routine went from regular to non-existent so my guess is some of that will not only whip me back into some kind of shape but also do wonders for my mood (it really helps – dance workout with great music is probably the best way to make one feel happy).
So with that thought, I’m going to end today and hope for the best. You will know soon enough if it helped…

P.S. I also might do some shopping after work (that is a known recipe for lifting the spirit). 🙂

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