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SOTD: Mark Buxton Nameless

Only now do I have time to write about my sample and there’s not going to be very much to say about it. It is a very nice masculine scent which I could steal if my boyfriend had a bottle but that doesn’t move me like Juste un Reve did yesterday.

Notes: orange blossom, lavender, mandarin orange, cardamom, cinammon, coffee, clove, jasmine, amber, labdanum, woodsy notes, guiac wood, patchouli, cedar, benzoin.

It starts lavendery fresh with spice notes coming at the heels. I really enjoyed the opening, it reads as masculine but is thoroughly enjoyable if you are into spices as I am. Or even less than I am.

I hate saying this again but it reminded me of something else I smelled and liked but can’t remember what (that seems to happen a lot to me).

It is a terribly nice scent, and I’m sure makes for a great present for a guy who is not very perfume savvy. It’s fresh and spicy and enjoyable. I think most guys would like it.
I might be reading this wrong, because I don’t smell that many masculines and can’t really say if one is good or not, only how much I like it or not.

And after a while, this one had me wondering if each time I get a salty note from a perfume it’s me, or is it a perfume (since it happened 2 days in a row). Luckily for me, my other arm was scent free and didn’t smell salty, so it wasn’t me.

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