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While waiting for summer – Figue Amere by Miller Harris

smokvaI did some perfume wardrobe re-organization last weekend and came upon an almost empty decant of this perfume. And before I use the last drops, I realized it would be the perfect time to talk about it.

“Figue Amère introduces a curious contrast of fleshy fruit and astringent salt, this sun-soaked fragrance captures bitter green figs and sea air. Top notes of bergamot and mandarin contrast with narcissus poeticus, rose, green violet leaves and angelica, which gently fade into a heady base of cedar, amber and seamoss.”

True to the description, the initial smell of this perfume opens with the smell of fig tree wafting on a salty sea breeze.

There are some milky undertones to the perfume, as it seems someone is picking those figs by the sea (the milky sap that figs produce). I find it strange that only now, when I decided to review this perfume after finishing my decant, is when I realized I can smell the floral undertones in it. I find the peeking narcissus and the lightly bitter feel of angelica to work greatly with the sweetness that one would associate with fig but which you would be hard-pressed to find here. Ok, this sounds strange now. 🙂

But I cannot describe it better at the moment.

There isn’t much development to the perfume, it settles down after a while and the initial breeze is no longer in the air but you can smell it on your skin. It smells like the sun is setting down and what you thought of as the sunny aspect of this perfume (the salty, warm breeze) disappears and the greenery surrounding you is allowed to breathe in the still warm summery air.

I always enjoyed wearing this perfume but until now I didn’t realize how good it actually is.

I’m slowly becoming a convert to Miller Harris perfumes (I admit to initially dismissing the line).

Late to the party – L’Air de Rien by Miller Harris

It seems everyone knows how this smells and it has quite a lot of fans out there as far as I could tell.

I only tried it today. So, yes, quite late to the party. 🙂

Notes: French oak moss, Tunisian neroli, sweet musk, amber and vanilla

I’ve been thinking of how to describe this all day.

On me it doesn’t really display many changes, and I don’t want it to.
(I also tried Lorenzo Villoresi’s Dilmun today and wished it wouldn’t change from the opening, but unfortunately it did, once again confirming LV perfumes and I don’t go together)

Basically, L’Air de Rien smells like a cool, dry cover over a warm ambery base. The cover wouldn’t let me get to the warmth hiding inside even though I could almost touch it.
Honetsly, I can’t tell what notes the cover is made of, but as I see the list, the oakmoss must have done its thing with keeping the warmth and sweetness inside and neroli and musk as far as I can tell kept everything smooth and cool.

I really need some of this.

Miller Harris: Piment des Baies

I seem to be on a Miller Harris kick. Well, not exactly because this is it but it is interesting how the first decant I picked this morning was another Miller Harris. One I forgot I even had and have to thank Carol for sending it. So, this morning, I opened the decant, figured it smelled ok for the warm weather we’re having and sprayed it on.

You know how I said yesterday how when I smelled some of their scents, I couldn’t find anything by Miller Harris to seriously like? I have to take that back. After Noix de Tubereuse which is a scent that makes me smile now (even though I’m not wearing it), I love Piment des Baies. I really do. And I actually think I can wear this all through the year.

And I’ll tell you why – it’s fresh but at the same time spicy and woody – it’s just a perfect balance of the notes.

Notes: bergamot, orange, tarragon, red thyme, pepper, pimento berries, angelica seed, sandalwood, orris butter, Madagascan vanilla.

Ok, so I don’t smell all the notes, but I do smell enough. Btw, google (or better wikipedia) really is your friend. I went to check what exactly pimento berries are and it turns out, another name for it is allspice because the English thought it combined the smell of cinammon, nutmeg and clove. No wonder I like this! 🙂

It opens on a sweet, slightly green citrus note (I found it a bit reminiscent of cologne, but only a bit). It’s not too sweet, or too green, or too citrusy. It’s just right to smell fresh but with a twist. I think the twist is probably given by both pepper and tarragon as it gives barest hints of nose pinching. But only barely.
I thought (before wikipedia) that pimento berries might smell like some kind of berries because there is a really nice juicy fruit note at the beginning of this, but I guess it’s a combination of orange and spices and herbs.

What I like so much about this is that the slight juiciness combined with  pepperiness never really goes away. Sandalwood makes an appearance but never alone, the drydown is perfect, some sandalwood in a small green shrub sprinkled barely with fruit juice. And the lasting power is much better than I expected. Much better.

This one falls straight into the category of scents I never have to think about wearing. I will never mind putting it on. I don’t know what to wear today? Oh, look, here is a decant of Piment des Baies. I’ll put that on and won’t have to wonder anymore. It just fits me.

Pic by: http://www.millerharris.com/

Miller Harris: Noix de Tubereuse

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m late to the perfumeworld and everyone seems to have this basic knowledge of almost every line there is out there. Except me.
I did give Miller Harris a try some time ago, but none of the things I tried were great for me and I kept wondering if it’s just me, or I sampled the wrong scents, or something  else, because almost every other blogger out there had a Miller Harris scent they loved. Well, now I have one too. 🙂

Notes: Tuberose leaves, tonka bean, orris amber, wild green clover, mimosa, violet, fig

Hmm, now I see the notes, I see there’s some violet in there. I seem to be in for scents containing violet note lately and not even realizing I’m smelling it. That just makes me consider those scents very good since I’m not getting put off by its smell (it’s not as overpowering as it can be for me).

And can I just say that the name of the perfume is misleading. I mean noix does mean a nut and I don’t see one amid the notes. Oh well, not the first (or the last time).

What I really like about this perfume is the opening. It reminds me so much of the cough syrup  my mom used to make when I was little. It contained common mallow and smelled very sweet and syrupy. I actually loved both the taste and the smell of it.
Noix de Tubereuse has that kind of opening and after a little while, you spy tuberose peeking through it.  I think it’s a very interesting take on the lush tuberose. And after a while, it gets a coconut/walnut vibe to it. I mean, if you can imagine what a nutty tuberose would smell like, you’d get this, it is very true to its name. Also, very sweet and floral, I couldn’t name mimosa but I knew some other flower was hiding in there. As well as some amber giving this a sweet richness that lasts.

I am really happy I have a small decant of this because I realized that tuberouse is (as are all other white lush flowers) actually quite appropriate for autumn. At least for me, I really feel like wearing it.

Pic and notes by: http://www.luckyscent.com/

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