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The smell of matches

I have no idea actually how come I am talking about the smell of matches – I mean I do, but I still find it a bit strange. First, I read this morning Carol’s review of XIII which is all about smoke and then, I smelled matches at a barbecue (another smoke smell) and realized I haven’t smelled matches for quite a long time (everyone uses lighters these days) and that the smell of matches is actually quite particular.

Which got me thinking that even if I had smelled it before in a perfume, I probably wouldn’t have realized it because the smell of matches just wasn’t a smell I had a conscient thought of recognizing.
I really like the smell of smoke in my perfumes and today realized I love the smell of matches.
So there must be a note that might not smell exactly like matches but is close enough to it. I mean, there are so many perfumes out there with smoky notes, does anyone know of a one that has a note of matches’ smoke?

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