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The heat has hit – my cooling choices

We’ve been having a real heat wave the last few days (ok, today is an exception but it won’t last).

So, I wanted to share the perfume that work for me when it’s so hot outside I need a perfume to cool me off.

My latest cooling discovery is Jardin du Poete by Eau d’Italie and I decided not to fight it anymore. 🙂 It should arrive at Flores by the end of the month so I’ll be giving one bottle a loving home.  and if the heat persists quite a lot of sprays.

There’s already been much talk of Guerlain’s  Vetiver (the masculine one). My boyfriend hates it, but I love it.
Here is a review from Perfume Shrine where both masculine and feminine versions are discussed.

One of the things I keep forgetting I have and forgetting I like amid everything else is Eau de Cartier. It’s a little sparkling gem that refreshes like the gin and tonic many compare it to.

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune – Well, I have only a little bit left of this wonderful grapefruit scent and I really need a bottle of it but it doesn’t seem to be available here (or maybe I’m not looking right).
This seems to be a hit and miss as grapefruit is such a note.

Charmes et Feuilles by The Different Company has become a staple for me from spring all through summer. What better to cool you off but some mint?

And the last one, Mona di Orio Lux, the one that feels best in the languid heat of the evening as it doesn’t put a freshness into your step but instead make you enjoy yourself languidly in the evening.

Please, if you have some ideas of your own, I can always use more diversity and coolness in my perfume collection. 🙂

Pic is mine and that would work great in the way of cooling as well. 🙂

Mona di Orio: Lux

I’m not writing down any comments regarding the name of this perfume. 🙂  Or whether the name is appropriate.
It does sound nice though.

What does it smell like?

Many things actually. It starts with a citrus burst, all lemony and sparkly, sometimes I seem to detect a slight waxy twist to it, most of the times I’m just preoccupied with the live lemon feel. Very cologne feeling.
And that’s even before I detect barest whispers of bitter greens – I say barest because they are very light and besides the citrus doesn’t back off that easily, it lasts for quite some time.
Today I got some peppery whiffs through the leaving lemons and dry woods. It’s just, there are so many things happening, if your nose is not glued to your wrist, the chances are, you’re going to miss some. It gets slightly smoky while the citrus is still waving which lead me to believe there was some patchouli in.
So, I wonder, how did I get from what I wrote up there to the beginnings of drydown which smelled lush and tropically warm with what I thought was ylang-ylang mixing in there? Yes, I got some sandalwood and cedar, especially late in the drydown, but ylang-ylang is not listed in the notes.

Notes: Sicilian lemon, Litsea Cubeba (whatever that is, I need to google it), petitgrain Bigarade South Africa, Haitian vetiver, Moroccan cedarwood, Mysore sandalwood, musk, amber, Siamese benzoin, bourbon vanilla, and cistus labdanum.

Basically, I love it. I love how it changes, I love its phases, I love the fact that each time I smell my wrist there is something slightly different happening there (even now, 8 hours after application), I love the fact it still manages to produce softness through all the aspects that might not be prone to that and I love the fact that it’s available in Zagreb (ok, it used to be, I need to check if it still is).
I just don’t love the fact that it’s another Mona di Orio perfume I want and which is, well, not acquirable at the moment as if I decide to buy one, I will have to choose among many of her perfumes for the one I want the best.

Notes and pic by: http://www.luckyscent.com/

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