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Keiko Mecheri: Scarlett

I still can’t believe I thought I didn’t like these perfumes. 🙂 But it was at the beginning of my perfume love so I think that lack of sniffing experience is a good excuse. 🙂

It’s not often I encounter a perfume that upon the first smell makes me love it. It happened with Iris Pourpre too.

For me, it starts lightly citrusy (very lightly and only because I now always expect some variant on that so I focus), masculine smelling (even though on Luckyscent it’s in the feminine category) and I have no idea what else I’m smelling but whatever it is, it seems to be wet. 🙂 Not aquatic but like you immersed it in water and took it out, and now the perfume smells wet. It smells of a green herb sprayed with a lot of juicy fruit. You can smell and feel the juiciness of this one.

Notes by KM: bay rose, rare spices, hesperides, rose, green notes, musk
Notes by Luckyscent: rare spices, blood orange zest, green of angelica, may rose

When combined, they give a better precision, as I understand where the juicy fruit is coming from.
This is one of those perfumes that notes cannot describe and even if you try to describe it in such a manner, it wouldn’t even come close. Because it smells refreshing, alive, smilingly happy and energetic at the same time, while retaining the dewy feel until drydown. You can feel the spices pinching your nose lightly (I thought it smelled like cinnamon, possibly clove too).

And here is where I came to a wall.

As you can see, green notes are listed and I couldn’t smell them out. The thing is, I knew from the start that there had to be something green in there but the whole time I was smelling my wrist, I couldn’t smell them out. I mean, I can tell by the way the whole structure smells they are there, I just can’t smell them.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Since today was a tiring day, I was very glad to wear this on my wrist and be able to smell for instant pick-me-up. It just plain works for me. 🙂

And as this discovery made me very happy, what didn’t make me happy at all, quite the contrary, is the fact that Keiko Mecheri site only ships samples to US and the line is not available in Croatia. So, if I want to try the rest of the rather large collection (and I want to), I need to order them from a third party. Eventually I guess…

Notes and pic by: http://www.keikomecheri.com/

Other notes by: http://www.luckyscent.com/

Never late to change my mind

This is going to be fast. 🙂

Up to now, I haven’t tried anything by Keiko Mecheri that I liked enough to wear (or actually only like). But that changed today and I will definitely be trying more of her fragrances but first let me tell you of my new love – Iris Pourpre. Mmmmmm. The first association that came to me is this smells a lot like Very Irresistible by Givenchy (the original version). That one was a love/hate smell and I really liked it and went through a bottle ratehr fast (I’m not so sure people around me were grateful for me wearing it). 😉

So, the first thing I did is compare notes. And of course, there isn’t a single one that is the same. Could have guessed that. 🙂

Notes for Iris Pourpre: white iris, orris, ylang ylang and chypre accord.

Honestly, if I had to guess the notes in this, I would never come up with iris because it is not the typical iris I learned to smell. And I always thought ylang ylang smelled more subdued and creamy. This is a loud floral on my arm but such a great one that I don’t mind the fact that this will need to be applied sparingly in order not to suffocate people around. 🙂 Who cares for them though if I can smell this all day long?!

I’m definitely getting myself a bottle of this. Soon! It will be my spring gift to myself (that’s just about enough time to recuperate from Christmas spending).

In the mean time, I’ll check my samples for some iris and ylang ylang thingies to widen my knowledge of those two notes and understand what happened with Iris Pourpre.

And a short side note, I tried November by CB I hate perfume. Very interesting. I got the forest, damp mushroomy feel and then the whole sweet foody note evoking childhood (don’t know what pumpkin pie smells like and that is one of the notes) so I’m guessing that is the smell of pumpkin pie with the barest apple hints. It really is a happy scent. You can read more on notes and the story behind it here.
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