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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Peaseblossom by Justine Crane

With this review, ends my participation in A Midsummer Night’s Dream blog event. I had the greatest time reading the play and smelling the entries and I’m glad to be ending this with Peaseblossom.

Especially since it wasn’t what I expected. Here are the notes I gathered from the list of ingredients (I love that I got the whole list of what is in there).

Notes: wheat grass, oakmoss, ambrette, oakmoss resin, enzoin, lavender, clary sage, carnation, tonka bean, vanilla bourbon, rose gulab otto, patchai ellai, tea rose otto, Mysore sandalwood, vetiver, honey, jasmine sambac, rose geranium, vintage tolu balsam, rose otto.

This is an edt and when you look at the notes, you cannot but wonder how Justine made them in such light and refreshingly warm perfume. The notes are so well combined and blended you cannot (well, I cannot tease them apart).
I can smell the oakmoss and lavender and rose and vetiver and resins but they are all light on their toes and they play around on this warm, sweet breeze.

Here is the inspiration:

Peaseblossom, quiet fairy be, shyly collects dewdrops
to steep the petals which he
On his merry way through the sylvan woods
A sweet perfume to present to his
Golden Fairy Queen.
What I found interesting was the fact that this perfume conveys to me the feeling of seriousness. Peaseblossom is going about his very fragrant business in a serious manner, after all, his work will get to be worn by the Fairy Queen (lucky her).
Btw, my notes ended with me calling this a meadow green perfume – more green than meadow, but that is the feeling I have when smelling it. And I love perfumes that are reminiscent of meadows. 🙂
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