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SOTD: Juste un Reve by PdN

It’s been a pleasurable day smelling this on my arm. 🙂

But, it’s been a bit problematic getting the notes.

Notes by PdN: coconut, apricot, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood, vanilla

Notes by Luckyscent: jasmine, rose, iris, hyacinth, monoi

As you can see, not much overlap (what an understatement). For me, it’s a mix of both, even though I didn’t locate rose and jasmine but hey, nothing new there.

I saw this mentioned as a perfect summer scent – for me it’s more than just a summer scent. Yes, you cannot skip the summer with coconut and monoi but the florals are quite a bit important as well. At one point, they are all you get.

For me it started fresh, irisy and floral, slightly grassy-sweet and happy – it brought a smile to my face. Imagine my dismay when reading notes by PdN and seeing no iris. But Luckyscent helped with that.

This one gives you a feel like you are smelling your skin warmed in the sun – you smell the perfume of flowers and tropical stuff, and you are smelling it warmed in the sun (even though I’m in the office all day).

I kept looking for the apricot but in the end I decided it combined itself with sandalwood perhaps to give this an aura of apricot suede powderiness (this sounds wrong).

Anyway, this all gives way to some flowers and I cannot claim I smelled hyacinths but I did smell flowers of a particular type I recognize. It could be that the real life hyacinth and the perfume one differ sligthly…

But the end is just as great as the rest, sweet monoi and salty iris turning into coconuty and salty smell of sandalwood. It’s at the same time simple and brilliant. Not simple as an easy, straight-forward thing, but easy as in, it gives off a feeling of being easily wearable and enjoyed.

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