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Is perfume world going bananas?

I had to put this title as it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the name of the new L’Artisan Parfumeur release – Bana Banana.

That said, I would actually love to smell it! 😀 I somehow believe it might be the type of perfume that makes you smile and just lets you enjoy yourself without any fuss while wearing it.

The site only has the page in French so far and this is what the description says: Une Banane Ambrée, composition baroque, rare et généreuse : le mariage d’une guirlande de jasmin et d’un bouquet de bananes confite.



Basically it’s an amber banana composition (a combination of jasmine garland and banana jam). Might sound strange but I believe it will work.  I have trust in Céline Elena’s work.

Quick translation of the notes mentioned  would include: jasmine flower, violet leaves, nutmeg flower, iris, and tonka bean.

So, what do you think? Do you want to try it?

Perfume trivia

Did you know jasmine belonged to the olive family? And that there were some 200 species of jasmine out there?
I didn’t. Well, at least not when leaving this weekend for a few days off at the seaside.

Where the most interesting thing happened.

So, there’s my boyfriend, putting everything to rights around the house, while I’m doing the same inside and at one moment he comes up to me and say: “How nice this shrub smells!” (he was cutting off the branches that were in the way).
I smell it and… It’s jasmine!

OK, so I felt like the most stupid person on Earth (or very close), at that moment. See, I’ve been with my boyfriend for ages and to his house at the coast numerous times, and it only dawned on me when he pushed the branch under my nose that we had jasmine growing in the garden. 🙂

In my defense, we’re never actually there when it’s blooming so I guess that is an easy way to overlook it, especially if you have no idea what the tree (shrub) is supposed to look like. And I’ve been wondering for years what are these shrubs growing all over that little village (not just in our garden).

Here are some photos (and if my nose is playing tricks on me and it’s not jasmine, please let me know):

The shrubs:

The flowers:

Pics are mine.

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