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Molly Harper: How to Run with a Naked Werewolf

I can see you all chuckling at my choice of titles to read. 😀

But this time the last laugh would definitely be mine. The book is just so much better than what the title might suggest. If you want to have a fun evening with a book, I would suggest this. Although you might want to start from the beginning of the series, I got my copy through NetGalley and only later realized there are actually two books before this one, although each story is for itself (the werewolf pack is the same).


The thing is, the story of Anna/Tina is actually a good description of how easily a woman can fall prey to an emotional and afterwards a physical abuser. A story of rationalizations until you’re one of the abused women and have no idea where your life went wrong. Ok, Tina does but it’s not a happy realization.

We start the story where Anna and Caleb meet and of course, Caleb, the werewolf will help her deal with her own problems. Just by being a presence in her life, she will be the one doing all the work. Which is actually why I could read the novel and root for Tina without it ever becoming too much (because sometimes it can be too much for me and I cannot read on).

For such a light and fun read, Ms. Harper managed to get me thinking about many important things – how easily you get pulled into a sick relationship, how brave you need to be if you want to take control of your life, how life’s teachings aren’t easy but might be necessary to get you a happy life.

I’d say for a light, evening read, it’s actually a great value.



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