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I succumbed

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately and what I’ve been doing, the answer is home, watching Vampire Diaries.

Yes, I watch teenage vampire soap operas it seems. And make no mistake, it’s a soap opera type of series.

I can’t help but be reminded of Penny in Big Bang Theory getting addicted to a video game. I have a bit of a geeky taste, yes. I adore Big Bang Theory and laugh my heart out watching it.

I also love science-fiction and fantasy and can talk about books and movies from both genres while also knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek (I do get lost in the variants and generations a bit though when they stray from Captain Janeway, Captain Picard and Captain Kirk).

But to get back to the point – I got addicted to Vampire Diaries. Luckily for me, I’m half-way through season 4 and I won’t watch season 5 until it’s finished but that won’t take me that long as four combined.vampire

I feel a bit stupid as I stopped reading books at some point because the story just got winded (the same happened with The House of Night books, which if they ever get turned into a series, will also be a teenage vampire soap opera.

Anyway, the story and characters have gaping holes at some points and you feel like tearing your hair out, but it somehow just works and sucks you in. I don’t even want to go into all the violence and alcohol that might actually sound more than tempting after watching this (I know the whisky they keep drinking is certainly tempting me).

Still, I can’t help it – I spend all my free time watching it and enjoying every moment. 🙂

Luckily there is not much left so I’ll be back to my regular life soon. And keeping time with my read-along.

That is definitely a telling sign, I don’t even read because I need to watch this.


PC & Kristin Cast: HoN Burned

Well, I survived the waiting period between books 6 and 7 (since books 6 in series in my experience always end terribly and you are left bewildered how in the world are you ever going to survive the wait until the next one).
Btw, there are going to be spoilers ahead so if you haven’t read book 6, you might want to stop reading now.

Since Zoey’s soul shattered in the previous book, it was a good guess there weren’t going to be a lot of her in this book. Which I can’t say was a bad thing, I liked following Stevie Ray’s life and Stark’s coming of age in psychological terms. In the end I was left wondering though what will happen between Stevie Ray and Rephaim. There are some interesting developments we might see in the future there.

I liked the fact that I feel like I got to know other characters better and the world where they live (but that I mean the vampire universe the Cast women created) got expanded and explained.

I found it funny how all the love problems seem so teenage which is what they are supposed to be like, I mean they are all teenagers after all. Even though at times they seem more serious than teenagers should be, but they are fighting evil so I don’t think they could be anything other.

It seems now I’m writing this that my feelings for this book aren’t very strong. 🙂 True but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it or that I’m not going to read the following book(s) (I don’t know how many are planned). It’s not as captivating as some other books in this series but it’s good.

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WoW: P.C. and Kristin Cast, House of Night

Ok, finally to say something about the House of Night series because I’m already at book 4 and I haven’t yet talked about the writers.

Since I’m already at book 4 after some 10 days of owning the books, it does seem pretty obvious I like them. 🙂 I’m always surprised with myself when I get hooked by a young adult series. Since I’m not one. 😉

Anyway, the hype is on for quite a while and I’m pretty late to thise series but that makes me happy since I got hooked on book 1 and there are 5 more to read after it. In my case, that’s only 2,5 more but still, it’s more than waiting for all of them to come out.

I’ve been wondering though, how can mother and daughter write together?! I mean, I never did get those collaborative novels. I do wish someone would explain that particular process to me. Isn’t the idea for a novel an individual’s idea? I know that a mother-daughter relationship can be extremely deep but it’s still a relationship between different people. I will be giving this more thought in the future. or, I might get lucky and stumble upon an interview with them where it’s explained. 🙂

To tell you a little about the books – it is a vampire series. 🙂 As you could have probably guessed from the series title and the whole vampire mania happening around the world. I have no idea why it happened now and not when Anne Rice’s series was coming out, but I guess the world takes time to recognize the trend. 😉 I got hooked on vampires with Anne Rice who any vampire-stuff reader worth his/her salt should never miss. And after that came Buffy and Anita Blake. And my future in the vampire world was set. I know I’ll be reading more vampire novels as they will probably keep coming out, but you know, there are so many now, and I honestly don’t think they are all good. I’ve read some that are just not worth following up on. And I’m not going to be naming them. 🙂 Find for yourself if you’re interested but as with everything else, tastes differ and you never know who might just get addicted to some of those.

This went the wrong way – I was supposed to tell you about the books. 🙂

Ok, vampired here are not your typical vampires (which is kind of a given, typical vampire myth is kind of exhausted by now). You get marked and no one knows how or why it happens that you become a vampire fledgling in your teens. Then you get to go to a vampire “school” – that being the House of Night. All vampires worship the goddess Nyx who is practically a night embodiment of a typical goddess myth. Only she’s no myth and our heroine is the vampire fledgling to help her get the vampire population back on the right track. This is as little as I can say without spoiling the series – it really is worth reading. You can always start as I did – I bought book no. 1 and started reading it that evening and then the next day I went back to Algoritam and bought all other books in the series. 🙂

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