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The Heat

I’ve been meaning to write about several perfumes I tried and really liked recently but it will have to wait another day or two for the heat wave we’ve been having to pass.
I just can’t function when it’s hot, not only because my body doesn’t deal well with it, it makes me feel terribly upset as I can’t ease my suffering. The best I can do is be still and let the fan do its thing (luckily we have A/C at work but unfortunately not at home).
In case you’re wondering about the temperatures, for the fourth day in the row we’re hitting 38 degrees Celsius (we got to 39 yesterday).

I just need to be still a little longer and I’ll be fine by tomorrow.

P.S. If you’re wondering why am I using a computer when it’s so hot, I’m not, I’m testing blogger for Android phones. 🙂

End of the week

This has been a really hectic and tiresome week for me and the fact that is almost impossible breathing outside (due to heat and humidity) didn’t help at all. Thank god there’s AC. 🙂

Just two more weeks and I won’t have to rant about working and heat, I’ll be enjoying myself – swimming, reading and sun bathing in the amount my skin allows. That’s not much though. 🙂

Today I was wondering, do perfume samples produce sample children? Because I decided to clear out my drawer at work where I put all those samples I plan on sniffing and didn’t have time at home, and it seems that in the last month or so, those work samples grew to quite a number. I’m not mentioning the ones at home. They probably already have grandchildren. 😉 I got asked by a colleague who saw me putting them away if I sell perfume. 🙂 What ever gave him that idea?

The other day we were discussing swapping and I was explaining all the possibilites there are (swapping, splitting and buying online) when my boyfriend came out with: are you telling me there are not enough perfumes in Zagreb that you can find to your liking? Hell, no. How exactly do you explain to someone your growing love for SL creations? And the fact that most of those are only sold in Paris (or online) and no, there is not something similar in all those Zagreb stores carrying the same brands everywhere. Lately, I just avoid those conversations, let people think I’m odd swapping with the world and contemplating my next perfume purchase.

I concluded this morning that life is fun (beautiful and fun was the end conclusion) and that is how I am going to approach it from now on all the time. For example, it’s funny how I said I am not going to buy any bottles until after the summer, and I sort of ended up with an ordered package from Rei Rien. And day after that I discovered I want a bottle of Cristalle (that’s still unbought, but considering what I wrote two lines before, it probably won’t stay like that for long).

Ok, I pretty much just rambled today but my brain can do no better today. I’m looking forward to a weekend of resting with a book or two. 🙂

P.S. I reserved my tickets for Harry Potter on the first day of showing here!! Yeeey for me! 🙂

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