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Winners of the birthday draw

In no particular order:


Kafka – your name came out so chocolate it is 🙂

And Undina

Since Kafka skipped the perfumed part of the draw, a bonus name name came out – Tara!

Congratulations everyone and please send your addresses, I promise to get the packages out as soon as I can. 🙂

And the winners are…




Congratulations! 🙂

Suzanne gets Parfum de Therese, and SallyM and Anna in Edinburgh get Cuirelle and Dries Van Noten respectively (since they didn’t state their preference). Plus the chocolate.

And, as there were only 7 participants in the giveaway, and all were interested in chocolate, feel free to send your addresses as well, and some Croatian chocolate will find their way to your doorstep! 😉

Thank you all for celebrating with me! 🙂

Missed my anniversary


It seems since this is the fifth, I would have remembered the date by now.

Seems I was very wrong. 🙂

I haven’t been a very proficient writer the past couple of years but I somehow still managed to keep my blog alive and I certainly hope I will keep on doing that for quite a long time in the future as well.

As it’s my 5th blogging anniversary (or was on the 20th), I want to celebrate it by doing a little give-away.

3 lucky winners will get some Croatian chocolate and one of three of the following decants: Cuirelle, Dries Van Noten and Parfum de Therese.

You can state your preference in the comments. The draw closes Wednesday midnight.


P.S. And please leave a way of contacting you so I can notify the winners (sometimes winners forget to check back they won something).

Giveaway of Alyssa Harad’s COMING TO MY SENSES

alyssaIn celebration of A. Harrad’s book, Coming to my Senses coming out in paperback, the publisher has offered to give one book to a lucky winner living in the US.

Leave a comment by June 25, when  the official publication date is, and I will draw one name to enjoy the “aromatic memoir” as the publisher called it (I find that to be a quite good description). 🙂

I am leaving you with  some of my favourite thoughts about the book:

“The great thing about this book is that if you are a perfume lover, it will make you smile and nod your head in agreement when you recognize the same steps you took in your perfume journey. It will also make you wonder what perfumes is Alyssa referencing by describing the way they smell.
It will also give useful advice on what to do and not to do if you are organizing your wedding.

But basically, it will confirm that enjoying your path in life with the people you love is the only way to live your life. Be it by smelling perfume and sharing it, or doing something else you enjoy.”

This one was mine.

Bonkers about Perfume

“The best kind of book is one which you simply don’t want to end.  Which, when you realise you havejust thirty pages to go – or less, if you have forgotten to factor in the acknowledgements – makes you start to slow down and savour every sentence, or even reread entire paragraphs to postpone the inevitable moment when you set the bookmark to one side and close the cover for the last time.”


“Perfume wears close to the  psyche. This beautifully written book is a story of a life reclaimed, a maturity attained by making peace with femininity and with traditions of an earlier time. More than that,it’s a guide to bravery: enough to insist on a little glamour. Here’s how the beauty of the fragrance you’re wearing sinks in and becomes, well, you. Here’s how this little habit, which you might have once scoffed at, changes everything.”

Ayala Moriel

Alyssa Harad‘s book Coming to My Senses is a wonderful journey of self-discovery through the world of scent, and perfume in particular. Alyssa has a poetic, genuine way with words and that is how she describes perfume – striking a chord yet without ever exhausting the readers like most of us bloggers tend to do. And to my delight – the book is dotted with evocative perfume descriptions that rarely disclose the names of the perfumes she’s referring to.”

Another Perfume Blog

“What made the book a success for me, and what did keep me engaged, was the craft of it. I picture Harad as a spinner, each thread of her novel a delicate strand, interwoven and laced just so with another strand. It can’t have been easy to find exactly the right place in her personal narrative to add a bit of history, or chemistry, or discussion of gender in modern culture—but she did it.”

Please share the giveaway, it is truly a lovely book to read. 🙂

Random.org chose…

Rosiegreen congratulations. 🙂 Please contact me with your address so I can send the package.
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