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A springtime search for flowers

Spring garden

Spring garden

Is loosely the name I gave the little perfume presentation I will be holding on May 21. 🙂

I still can’t believe I was asked if I wanted to talk about any perfume related subject I chose, as part of an informal group of perfume enthusiasts meeting every third Tuesday of every month.

I still haven’t had a chance to go listen to someone else and now I will be the one talking.

My idea is to bring around a dozen perfumes featuring a flower note that can be easily distinguished and to ask the participants to figure out which flower they are smelling. After that we can talk about the perfume and then move on to the next.

I am very much looking forward to it and I hope people will enjoy our little flowery search.

It’s an open thing and anyone can come so I hope people show up.

I’ll post my choices and how it went afterwards.



A serious flaw in my perfume collection

It only hit me yesterday.

I have no florals in my collection!

What I mean is, the only florals I have are of the white and lush kind and I’m sure there are others out there that don’t fall into this category.

Is it possible that so far I haven’t come across one I liked?!  The only thing I could come up with that is floral and I have it, is Paestum Rose (but this also falls into category “there must be other flowers out there besides roses”).

I’ve been going in my mind through my bottle and decant collection and just can’t come up with anything that could be termed a floral (without being a tuberose/gardenia/jasmine or rose). I mean, there are other florals out there, right?

And the only floral perfume I know I like and think of as the best representative of the genre is Juliet by Juliet Stewart. Which of course, I don’t own. 🙂

So please, suggestions would be most welcome of where to start my floral journey.

P.S. I seem to have journeyed through every other perfume genre out there but this one.

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