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Etat libre getting under my skin

I find the beginning of the name quite appropriate (don’t know what I think about the orange part). 🙂 Being free of constraints people and society put on you is quite liberating (if you can achieve that state that is). Lately, I would like to feel liberated from pretty much most of the things in my life that are not of my choosing. Yes, I did choose my job but only because I have to earn my living, can’t go through it without money unfortunately. And therefore, I’m also obliged to follow so many rules that come with having to go to work every day. By that I mean, not being able to vacation as much as I’d like (and I believe I need). But this has gone in a completely wrong direction than I wanted.

Today I wanted to say that Etat Libre d’Orange made me happy again. I can’t help it, I just find their whole concept fun and honestly enjoy sniffing their scents. It is definitely a fun, happy experience when you combine it with their ad copies.

Anyway, I tried today Vierge et Toreros and Divin enfant . Of the two, I prefer Virgin and torero, but can’t say the other one is bad.

Vierge et toreros notes: bergamot, poivre, cardamom, muscade, tubereuse, ylang-ylang, cuir, base animalis, costus, patchouli, vetiver.

I believe I’ll definitely get a bottle of this. I love the opening, with bergamote, pepper and cardamom (what an interesting combination) and it just gets better. I finally got those animal notes at the end and they are perfect. I think I feel that way because they remind me of how my father sometimes smells after a long day (the tabac is what achieves that, my parents are both smokers and I can’t do anything about it).

VetT goes pretty much through all the notes listed (well, I’m not sure about costus, don’t know what that smells like, but if it smells gingery , then it’s there). For some reason, before the drydown was complete, the animal notes/tubereuse combination did bring blood into my mind, but it wasn’t the smell of blood so I’m wondering at the idea a little. Interesting nevertheless.

Divin enfant definitely took me back to my childhood. It smelled at the beginning like the rubbers (erasers) we used to have in school (they always had the same sweet smell) and after going through the notes, it seems that it is the marshmallow accord (that is my guess at the guimauve accord).

Notes: fleur d’oranger, accord guimauve, rose, accord moka, cuir, ambre, musc, note tabac froid.

The ad copy mentioned marshmallow and my guess was it was the note I couldn’t find the meaning of. It seems almost all Etat libre perfumes end in some way sweetly, as is true of this one as well. I like the fact that I could detect some tabac and after that cuir and coffee and that it took me back to my childhood. I even enjoy the ambery sweet drydown. I didn’t get the rose, though…

There are still some samples left for me to try and I do look forward to them. I know they will at least make me smile. 🙂

Stress, books and Etat libre

This has not been a good period for me. I’m not going to go into details, I don’t want to bother you with the bad news I keep getting and the stress I’ve managed to accumulate, but instead I’ll talk a bit about what I do to relieve it.

I already thanked my colleague profusely for giving me the Sookie Stackhouse series to read. I’m already on book 3 and I’m enjoying it terribly much. 🙂 It’s a somewhat lighter and more humoruous version of Anita Blake and something that came at the right moment. Anita Blake is a bit hard to go through because she’s always doubting herself, people around her (mostly boyfriends), her choices, her religion… And meanwhile, she just has a lot of sex. Sookie on the other hand takes what life throws at her with, well, what I suppose is a Southern view of the world. Tries to look at the bright side of life most of the time, when necessary gives in to grief and just enjoys life as much as she can and deals with trouble with a big smile. It’s easy and fun to read and you go through the books quite fast.

Reading is what de-stresses me most. 🙂

Being so deconcentrated these days and very much tired, I don’t feel my nose and brain are up to the task of sniffing efficiently. So, I’m slowly going through my Etat Libre d’Orange samples and finding them nice, fun to read the stories and mostly easy on the nose, although I managed to take out several with the strawberry note and generally of sweet disposition.

Today I tried Jasmine and cigarette and I got a lot of jasmine and it smelled to me like it was mixed with lilly of the valey but that note doesn’t appear on the list (jasmine absolute, tobacco, hay, apricot, tonka bean, curcuma, cedre, ambre, musc). I didn’t get any tobacco or the smell of cigarette and after a while some hay. It smells nice though, I like it – I’ll try and swap for this.

I also tried Delicious closet queen and not reading the story first thought it was feminine so I got a bit surprised with the opening that smelled totally masculine. Well, it all got clear after I read the story for this one. The notes are: violet leaf, iris butter brut, atlas cedre, patchouli, vetiver,, dynamone, rose absolut, irisy strawberry (that’s my translation of original), santal, cuir, tonka bean, opoponax. I don’t know what violet leaf smells like (probably not like violets since I didn’t find any) and I’m not sure what of the listed notes might smell citrusy but I got something of the sort at the beginning and thought there might be some lavender in it but I was wrong. I liked the opening more than the drydown, although it isn’t bad. It’s just, well, sweetish. I don’t know how many of their perfumes feature a strawberry note but to me that smells more like strawberry candy than a real strawberry.

I managed to go through Nombril Intense which starts as a salty-sweaty oriental but quickly loses the belly button opening note. It strikes me as having an old perfume feel to it.

Notes are: patchouli, Peru balm, vetiver, poivre noir absolu, opoponax, bergamote, carrot seed, ambrette grain absolut.

The Vrai blonde made me wonder what exactly do they mean by fine de champagne because I didn’t get anything champagny from it – it smelled sort of florally sweet, slightly powdery and creamy. Nothing spectacular.

Notes: aldehydes, fine de champagne, rose, peach, poivre blanc, myrhhe, patchouli, suede.

Rossy de palma was ok, I thought I didn’t like roses in my perfumes but that is slowly changing. This was a nice green, fresh version of the rose (in my opinion) with a smoky undertone later and some patchouli. It’s actually a wearable rose for me.

Notes: benzoin, patchouli, encens, cacao, rose de Bulgaria.

And the last one for today, Encens and bubblegum is totally true to its name. Although I got less bubblegum than in Charogne (can’t say that’s bad). I’d say it’s a fruity bubblegum.

Notes: peach, strawberry, vanilla, lilly of the valey, fleur d’oranger, musc, essence and resinoide d’encens. It’s totally girlish, as in 12 year old girlish. Fun though. 🙂

So you see, not much from my nose and brain. I do hope that will change soon. Until then, back to Sookie. 🙂

Etat Libre d’orange and Luckyscent

First, I have to say who ever decided to start Luckyscent has my eternal gratitude. 🙂 Especially beacuse they regulary have sample packages that are quite interesting (and most of the time I end up buying them). Therefore, I was very happy when I came home yesterday to find a little package waiting for me although for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what was supposed to be in it. I’m quite forgetful these days.

Well, it was the Etat Libre d’Orange sample pack. Yeey! Finally. It is quite impossible not to stumble upon those scents wherever you read so I was very interested to see what it was all about.
Today I decided to take out 2 samples and see how will I like them.

The first I tried was Antiheros and I liked it just fine. The notes listed are 3: lavender, musc and bois (wood notes). It is exactly what you get and it smells great. I like that one very much – you cannot miss the opening lavender and after it subsides a bit, you get some musc and then a little wood and it just smells great. I would wear it definitely but I wouldn’t think this might be feminine (lately I love scents that get termed as masculines but you cannot really tell that by smelling them).

I am not going to post all the text accompanying the scents, you can read it on etat libre site if you’re interested.

The other one that came out of my bag today is Charogne. Beats the hell out of me how come it is called Beast in English when French wikipedia says it actually means carcass, but there you go. For this one, I was honestly tempted to put the whole text here, because it is about innocent flesh being plucked by the beast (with not very hidden undercurrents). Anyway, I thought it was going to be great, the whole innocent/beast juxtaposition, but it seems I was wrong. Or maybe, my idea of a beast is somewhat different from the rest.

The listed notes are: bergamote, notes de cuir, baies roses, gingembre, accord lys, ylang-ylang, jasmine, encens, vanille naturelle, ambrette absolu, notes animales.

It starts off quite innocently with the barest whiff of cuir and with a somewaht chewing gum idea and it keeps that innocence while vanilla, ylang-ylang make their come out and then I kept waiting for the beast, but it never showed. The perfume did progress to a somewhat less innocent idea, but if that was supposed to be a beast, it was a pretty tame one (and somewhat small because it would neither devour you or scare you). 🙂
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