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The sun, the sea and Bronze Goddess

That last will never be applied to me. Not only do I not think of myself in divine terms, but bronze is also a word that people would never apply while looking at me.  I actually got asked (this year again) if I even went to a vacation, considering the amount of tan I got.

I do get tanned but compared to most people here, I’m still fair skinned.

So this where Bronze Goddess comes into play. It is my go-to vacation scent.  I should also remember that for next year’s packing as there is no need to bring a whole bunch of decants when all I’ll be wearing is BG.

But I don’t recommend wearing it to work which is what I did one day when the weather was extremely hot and I was wishfully thinking of the vacation to come – a colleague was sniffing around our room asking who’s wearing sunscreen? 🙂

You’ve been warned.

Now the vacation is over, Bronze Goddess is back to its place to be forgotten until the next summer vacation.

And if you are ready for some wistfulness with me, here are two photos to help you with that:


Carol’s vintage gems II

Today I want to write about another two, one of which has left me baffled. I just started thinking how I’m starting to smell more and understand scents a bit better than before and then comes Aramis/Portos by Estee Lauder and I get lost in the drydown notes.
Notes by Carol: bergamot, rosemary, lavender, geranium, vetiver, pine, cedar, moss, fir, musk, patchouli, amber, tonka.
What I smelled was a fresh start (by that I usually mean, it gives my mind a slight fresh boost and that usually happens with citruses). It smelled to me warm, spicy, woody and old (as in vintage, not today’s stuff).  Then I started getting something dry and vegetable-like, possibly smelling of mushrooms. So I thought that might be msuk (I was so glad to read musk as one of the notes). My idea was that it smelled like an old wardrobe,  where flowers were kept to keep some freshness in it.  Which doesn’t sound as good as the scent smells. It reminded me of my grandfather and the way he used to smell, it gets slightly sweet and woody and possibly smoky. The smoke hint just hit me, because if it reminds me of my grandfather then it had to smell at least a bit smoky and that is why I was getting a slightly nauseous vibe from it. The cigarette smoke combined with something sweet smelling always makes me feel slightly nauseous.
I won’t be wearing my sample but I will be smelling it more because there are more notes to be learned from it and I know this one is the equivalent of a really difficult math equation.
The other sample I tried today was Extra Vieille by Roger et Gallet. That one was made right for me. 🙂 It starts green, flowery and colognish. 
Turns out the notes are as follows: bergamot, lemon, tamgerine, orange, rosemary, carnation, neroli, petit grain, rose and clove.

To me it smelled like minty, flowery grass, you know, there was a herbal fresh aspect to it making me think  mint. It feels like you are walking through a fragrant meadow where there is some rosemary and lavender growing. But since this is really a cologne, it lasts correspondingly. Not that I mind. I could walk through that meadow every day. Breathing in that green, aromatic spiciness.

Pic by: http://ideachic.wordpress.com

Before I leave

I thought this day would never come. 🙂 Finally, 3 weeks of sun and sea. And after the week I had, all I can say is, I deserve it. I worked real hard these past 10 days (including the weekend) and now I can leave without any worries. Including the one when is my sister going to give birth to my second nephew. 🙂 I’m proud to say that yesterday I became an aunt for the second time, my little nephew is 3550 g and 52 cm. Can’t wait to see him later today (and my sister as well, the birth didn’t go all that well, but she’s getting better).

I so wanted to talk about a perfume today but I just didn’t manage the time to sniff anything (that’s how busy I was). I’m happy to say that I got the Boadicea Lucky scent sample pack and I’m taking it with me to be perused sometime in the next 3 weeks. Along with some other samples lying about on my desk.

What I did manage to do is gather books I plan on taking and now it seems I should cut back a bit on those since there are some 25 of them (and that’s more than the days I’ll be on vacation) – I like to read but I’m not that fast and I don’t really need so much choice. I think I’ll leave with 20 – it’s only me and my boyfriend, so there’s enough space. 🙂 I can already see him clutching his head in shock. 🙂 Happens every time.

One of the samples I sprayed on today after reading all the reviews – EL Jasmine White moss, and what can I say? It’s nice and wearable and if I had it, I’d definitely put it on, but my knees do not go weak like after smelling Amoureuse (that’s definitely a discovery) and if you want to know more about JWM, there are some great reviews at Grain de musc and Perfume smelling things.

Btw, I always thought summer was a dead season, but there seem to be giveaways wherever you turn. I do hope I win some. 🙂 Eternal optimist.

I wish you all a great summer (what’s left of it) and I hope when I’m back I’ll have a lot to talk about (in terms of both books and perfume) with some summer photos.
Picture : Dreamland by SteveCampbell
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