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The Poison Rose – Paestum Rose by Eau d’Italie

I don’t remember the last time my perfume caused so many reactions, from “Please don’t wear it ever again as it’s making me sick” (coming from my boyfriend), to “It feels like entering a poison ivy cloud, it clears the sinuses” (by a colleague). The last one was actually meant in a positive way. 🙂

I read my old review of a sample of this perfume and here is where the whole dabbing vs. spraying a perfume make all the difference.

Spraying Paestum Rose gives you a day-long sillage you can smell. I’ve been smelling it for the whole day and enjoying myself – I really like this perfume even though it seems I will have to stop wearing it.

Notes: Davana, cinnamon, pink and rose pepper, coriander, blackcurrant buds, osmanthus,
peony, Turkish rose, tea, elemi, incense, myrrh, opoponax, cedarwood, papyrus,
patchouli, wenge, vetiver, musk, benzoin

Truth be told, there is an edge to this perfume. I think that is the reason why I love it so much, it seems to be the perfect blend of a well-formed and redolent rose in full bloom, but in this case the thorns have a smell and they warn you not to get too close. Taking apart this perfume by the notes you can smell, will not bring you close to picturing the smell in your mind – it is they type of perfume that gives you an aura. A poisonous one it seems, but I mean that in the best possible way.
I love feeling poisonous if it means I smell of Paestum Rose.

But I understand why other people might not be so happy about it…

Jardin du Poete – where summer’s heat dissipates

Sometimes I wonder why I even try reviewing perfumes when my opinion of the same perfume tends to vary. OK, it’s not like I go from liking something to hating something, but it’s not rare for me to think I absolutely love something, then to testi it again and think, yes, it’s ok, I like it, but why did I think I loved it so much?

Luckily for me, that part of it’s good but not great didn’t last long with Jardin du Poete. It was only a blip on the screen (or arm to be exact). 🙂

I find this to be invigorantingly refreshing. Not sweet in any context. Perfect for summer but also the thing I crave in the spring as it’s green!
I mean, it smells green.
Green, grapefruity and well, cypressy, but in my case, every tree of the evergreen sort translates in my mind into fir-like. 🙂 OK, so I still can’t tell the difference. I’m learning…

This is also the perfume where it became obvious for me that I really work better with deciphering perfumes when I have no access to notes.
If I see the notes, then I keep trying to smell them and transfer my experience into them. When I don’t have them, I write down what I can smell.
In this case, what I smelled was green, bitingly citrusy, I thought lemon peel, until I caught the grapefruit smell. And well, like I said, fir-like. Only the fir I smelled was actually a cypress. 🙂

It slowly loses the initial intensity while retaining the initial notes until it hits the real drydown where the warm, hay-like vetiver gets in.
It sort of fills the whole between what cologne should smell like if it were a perfume.
I love it for the freshness it brings. It instantly makes the heat back away and it lets you get some fresh air into your lungs.
It’s perfect for the summer but in my case, it will also be perfect for my spring quest for greenery and freshness.

Notes: orange, grapefruit, basil, angelica, immortelle, pink pepper, cypress, vetiver, musk.

pic by: http://www.punmiris.com/

Drunk on perfume (again)

As far as I can guess, that is the only explanation how come I spent so much money in Institut Parfumeur Flores today and instead of my usual 2 bottle purchase, I actually came out with 3. Well, 2 are for me, one is for my boyfriend. Luckily for me, he doesn’t read this blog so he can’t find out I bought him a birthday gift (tomorrow is his birthday) even though I said I wouldn’t (as I’m still hodling a grudge for not getting a birthday gift myself a year ago).

On top of the 3 perfumes, I also bought a room spray for a friend.  But I do have a good explanation for my bottles – both were 50% off!!! And those 2, I didn’t even have to sniff, I learned about the discount while talking to the nice SA there who was very helpful and took the time to show me everything I wanted and talk to me about anything I wanted (well, all was related to perfume).

So, for me, I bought Worth Courtesan and Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose. I never talked about Courtesan and I should because it was the first “dirty” perfume that I actually started wearing. Paestum Rose I already talked about so today when the chance presented itself to upgrade from half a decant to a bottle I took it (especially a bottle at half the price).
The Eau d’Italie line is off because they are getting rid of the old bottles and replacing them with new (the design is different). Not all Eau d’Italie scents are 50% off, but enough. So, if anyone is interested in procuring a bottle for a good price, let me know (it comes up to 75$ or 55 Euros).

I have no idea why Courtesan was 50% off but my decant is low and now I have a bottle and no worries.
On the other hand, I can never guess what my boyfriend will like so I don’t know if he’s going to enjoy his Frapin Terre de Sarment but if he doesn’t, I know I will.

The overall experience was great – I had lots to smell and will again soon when they get some new stuff. Although, I do hope that doesn’t mean another pair of bottles (even though I just know I will have to have that new Frapin about to come out). The people were great, nice and efficient, knowledgeable and patient (as I spent there almost hour and a half). The way I was going, I could have spent there another hour and half without noticing it passing.

Afterwards, I started thinking if perhaps there is something wrong with me for wanting (and needing) to talk about perfume so much and smell it and just revel in it but then I remembered Olfactoria’s post from this morning and felt relieved. After all, she is a psychotherapist, so if someone should know what is normal, it’s her. Right? 🙂

Pic by: http://www.mimifroufrou.com/ of Cognac Pierre Frapin, cuvée 1888

SOTD: Eau d’Italie, Paestum Rose

OK, I realized today I will have to give Havana Vanille another go. Because it’s obvious to me that whatever Mr. Duchafour creates, I’m going to love it. 🙂 There must have been a mistake in my nose when smelling HV because it just can’t be. 🙂

As you probably know by now, I’m not a huge florals fan, rose especially, but there are always exceptions, and this is one of them. Oh, I really like this one (I think that the boozy opening helps). 🙂

Notes: davana, cinammon,, black pepper, pink pepper, black pepper, coriander, black currant buds, Turkish rose, peony, incense, osmanthus, elemi, tea, papyrus, benzoin, myrhh, opopponax, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, wenge wood, amber, white musk.

As you can see, there is a wealth of notes which I do not plan on getting entangled in. I love the beginning and I didn’t miss the rose this time (probably because it’s there in the title). It smells boozy (having this rum, thick quality to it) and slightly sweet. Of the notes in the beginning, I can smell the particular juiciness of black currants and the pink pepper – which I believe I am smelling due to the process of elimination. I’ve been finding this around a lot and learned to recognize the particular scent it brings with itself so I think I know it now (it gives the rose in Very Irresistible the same type of freshness). Anyway, I get a healthy dose of tea (I tend to lean toward black but that may be caused by black currant buds).

It smells like an idea of a wet rose, not aquatic but more like a rose inundated in fresh water. Quite lovely really. And totally wearable for me (I’ll try and locate a decant on MUA).

I lose the black currant and most of the rose in the drydown but I’m left with a drydown that is quite nice but doesn’t come close to the opening. I mean, it’s easy on the nose and smells warm and dry (all that wood, incense and benzoin which I love) but is only a drydown.
Pic and notes by: www.luckyscent.com
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