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The one and only – Parfumarija

I’m saying one and only as it’s not only Dublin’s sole niche perfumery, it’s also Ireland’s only niche perfumery as I’ve been told when I was there.

Personally, I love the name as it’s a play on words, perfumery is called “parfumerija” in Croatian (and most of ex-Yugoslav countries) and the owner’s name is Marija (she’s Macedonian) so there it is – Parfumarija.

I didn’t spend nearly enough time in there as my group was waiting for me, but the little time I did spend there was great.

I was greeted by a fellow perfumista/blogger Freddie who also has a youtube channel where he reviews perfumes. It was quite a lot of fun discussing perfumes with him. 🙂


Freddie talking me through perfumes

He talked me through the novelties they have and through some perfumes I haven’t had the chance to try yet, as they aren’t available in Croatia.

He also gave me the new F. Malle to try – I can’t remember the name, but it is Carlos Benaïm’s new scent by F. Malle.

*Eau de Magnolia* by Lucas’ comment

It’s a magnolia perfume and honestly, the beginning didn’t really wow me due to my idea of magnolia watery-green scent smelling like botanical garden, but its development gets more and more interesting and I want to smell it again and give it more time and thought.

I tried the two MDCI I haven’t yet had the chance to try, Nuit Andalouse and Vêpres Siciliennes. I should’ve known a white creamy floral would win my heart in an instant, but realistically speaking, I really don’t need another one (even though that Nuit Andalouse has my name written all over it). 😉DSC_0186

For the first time, I got to try Ys Uzac line and I must say I was rather impressed. There were only 4 perfumes in the line, Pohadka, Monodie, Metaboles and Immortal Beloved. And in all the hurry I remember liking Pohadka and Monodie rather a lot, but I would need to re-smell the whole line again for a better memory.

It seems I was there only for the experience of a new perfumery but even so, I loved it.DSC_0184

I finished my quick smelling escapades by smelling Aqua Sextius by Jul et Mad which Freddie said reminded him of Womanity (luckily for me it didn’t). But I understand why he would say it.

I read Lucas’ take on Aqua Sextius and for some reason thought it would be too watery/ozonic for my taste. But no, it’s actually quite lovely and very easy to like and wear. Unfortunately, it’s also 230 Euros for 50ml of edp…

*Lucas informed me it’s actually extrait de parfum*

Parfumarija is also on Facebook if you want to follow them. And if in Dublin, go and visit them for a little bit of perfume fun. 🙂

The luck of the Irish

So, I’m back. 🙂

It was a week of cold, windy, rainy fun. The Irish really like their pubs as it seems they are always full and not full of the tourists. 😉

I saw the Guinness brewery, the city in all possible ways (we walked it through and through) and visited the lovely villages of Howth and Bray in the larger Dublin bay area.

We also went to Belfast one day.

All in all, I had some great Irish beer (new favorite Galway Hooker) and some great fish and chips in Howth (highly recommend that fishing village) and also visited the only Irish niche perfumery but more on that in the next post.

I’ll leave you now with some photos.


Oscar Wilde


Guinness brewery


Guinness lease for 9000 years


Dublin spire


Church bar








Beach in Bray




Fish and chips in Howth






And I’m off!

My dear readers, tomorrow I’m off to Dublin for a week of leisurely Irish fun. 🙂

Yes, I expect that to include a lot of Guiness. 😉guiness

If I have the chance, I might post some pictures, but that is a very big if.

Talk to you soon!


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