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Quick almond thoughts

Ok, let me start by saying, I hate marzipan (and yes, that means I hate Mozartkugeln as well, marzipan and pistachio – yuck). So one would think I’d skip over perfumes having almond notes, wouldn’t one? Nope, that can’t be said about me. I ordered samples of Reminiscence Do Re Mi La series (they aren’t actually called that I think, but that’s how I remember them) and randomly choosing 2 of the 4 I have, both I chose had almond note in them. Even after I read that there is an almond note in them, it didn’t register that it might be too much for me, what with all other notes (and there is a whole bunch of notes listed for all of them). Well, I was wrong. And even though they don’t smell the same (Do Re and Mi Fa) they smell of almonds (in a way too sweet a manner) that all I can say is, thank god it finally washed off.

I am usually not a person who says bad things about anybody or anything, so I’ll temper my initial comments with – if you like almonds and sweet perfume, you are probably going to love these. I don’t think they are really bad, I mean I did get some fig in Do Re around that ALMOND, and I enjoyed Mi Fa’s cocos citrus opening for the first 2 minutes (before what I thought of as cocos actually turned out to be almond mixed with citruses but not yet recognizable as almond for me). I would so much love to be a fan of sweet but I am not – I don’t even eat desserts if they don’t come as complete chocolate (Sacher cake is not that, having jam in it- whoever thought that was nice?! – everyone except for me it seems) or as a strudel. So, believe me, something that smells like a child dipped in marzipan and sprinkled with cookies and fruit, is not something that I will wear (I’m not going to say never, because, you know, you never know) 😉 – but definitely not in the near future. Honestly, I can’t say it doesn’t smell happy, since it evoked a child in marzipan for me (and the only person not happy in that situation might be the child’s mother) but, I think both of them call for a high sweetness tolerance.

Hmm, it now seems this wasn’t so quick and not only on almonds and not really a review, but I had to get it off my chest. 🙂

Do Re
Head: Green Notes, Fig
Heart: Heliotrope Accord, Almond, Virginia Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli
Base: Infusion of Madagascan Vanilla, Brazilian Tonka Bean, Siamese Benzoin, Musk

Mi Fa
Head: Sicilian Bergamot, Italian Mandarin, Florida Orange, Bitter Almond, French Lavender, Tunisian Rosemary, Indian Mint, Green & Ozone Notes
Heart: Neroli, Tunisian Patite Grain, Madagascan Black Pepper, Jasmine
Base: Brazilian Tonka Bean, Madagascan Vanilla, Virginian Cedarwood, Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

P.S. Is it possible that one note can dominate so much to ruin the rest? I mean, I could detect some other notes but only around almond.
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