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I’ve been thinking…

Yesterday I was at my French class and as always, had a great time. But afterwards I started thinking about stuff we discussed in the class (it’s a conversation class). The thing is, the group consists of several people my age (around 30) and we have 3 older ladies (they are all retired, so my guess is they are over 65). What I was thinking yesterday is how great the group functions. We’ve been together in this state for years now and I realized yesterday that what I find fascinating is how much we can learn from each other. One of them is a mathematician, one was a professional dancer and the third was the equivalent of a highly sucessful business woman. They are completely different but all three have kept their interest in life and additional activities and I hope one day, my retired life looks similar (and I get to spend time with young people). 🙂

On to some perfume news. I’m over my fear. 🙂 I got my package from the Posh Peasant yesterday with Coquette Tropique by Monyette (and the wonderful big candle) and I tasted summer again.

Notes: Hibiscus, Gardenia, Plumeria, French Anjou pear, Madagascar vanilla

I was looking for melon in the notes because I could have sworn I smelled it, but it’s not listed. Anyway, I’m a bit angry with myself because I had a product this summer that smelled exactly like this (hair or body), and I can’t recall what it was. What it did was make me happy I tried it because it transported me straight into summer. I am really looking forward to wearing it next summer. Such a lovely creamy tropical smell.
The other thing I tried today was Kinmokusei by Ayala Moriel.

Notes: Ambrette (musk) seed, Coriander, Green tea, Linden blossom, Olive tree resin, Osmanthus, Sandalwood, Tabac blond, Wild orange.

It is an osmanthus soliflore and if that’s what an osmanthus smells like, I like it. It almost went overboard into too heady-sweet category but in the end, it balanced out nicely. The beginning was great though – aromatic peppery opening with wild orange. Wonderful!
I find this a lovely autumn scent I am going to wear this year. I ordered this guessingly, some time ago (there was some kind of a sale beginning of the summer I think) and I still need to try the two samples I ordered with it (Ayalita and Espionage).

Btw, Kinmokusei is the Japanese name for osmanthus.
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