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Choices, choices…

Sometimes the fact that I smell so many perfumes and have ideas of them in my head is very frustrating

Tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s wedding and for the past week I’ve been thinking about what perfume to wear.
I finally decided to go with lush white flowers and thought I might choose Carnal Flower and wanted to try it on before deciding, only to find out after a 2 day search that:
1) I either misplaced it so thouroughly that I won’t be able to find it until tomorrow
2) or I remembered wrongly and don’t have it at all and the image in my mind is of sth else.

Both options are equally possible I’m afraid. 🙂

So, now I’m back to deciding what to wear.

I was thinking possibly FdO by SL but that might prove too much for people around me. I’m guessing it will be a tuberose but that still doesn’t narrow it down. My first choice though is Vamp a NY because it’s flirty and happy and I believe enjoyable all around.

But I’m also considering Cruel Gardenia, any of the Histoires de Parfums Tuberose trio, A la Nuit, Tubereuse Criminelle and I’m open to all suggestions.

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