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A new fig for me!

As those of you who follow my blog already probably know, I really love figs in my perfumes. So it was with great enthusiasm that I tried today IO by Carthusia (di Capri) – I’m a bit lost with their name(s).  I can never pass a sale so when there was a sale at Carol’s Niche Place, I took advantage of that (and of the fact that you can take some of her vintage finds if you’re fast). 🙂 But I haven’t yet smelled all those.
Notes: fig, mint, tea.

Hm, I thought there would be more notes. I mean, it smelled to me like there were more notes in there. Not a typically figgy scent. I mean, not like those I already have. The mint in the beginning is unmistakeable. Not that I mind. I like mint in my perfume. It gives this a fresh, breezy-cold feel and if you know it’s there, you can catch the fig on that breeze while it’s lightly cooling you. Btw, tea note completely passed me by. I thought there was something flowery in this, but tea didn’t occur to me. Oh, well. I did get the breeze that was blowing by the sea while carrying the fig note. I really enjoyed that part.

Then, a bit unfortunately, the soapy bit happened. It really wasn’t that bad. Actually, it wasn’t bad at all (just soapy a bit) – reminded me of a smell from my childhood and a shampoo my grandmother used to use when washing our hair (there were 4 of us, her grandchildren).  Anyway, I can happily testify to it going away and drydown finally letting the fig come out. The way it comes out in other perfumes at the beginning.

So, I can’t say I was blown off my feet but I did like it very much and will definitely use my bottle. All fig scents I have are things I can wear when I don’t want to think much about what am I going to wear but just want to leave the house smelling nice.
IO will fit nicely into my collection since it is different from the others I have.

Pic by: http://www.punmiris.com/

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