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Short foray into mainstream

It’s not often I visit Sephora as it’s not close to my usual places but today, I was at the exact spot and had 10 minutes. 🙂
So, of course I took the chance and went in search of a spray of Chanel 19 Poudre.

Basically, I won’t go searching for it again. I am very disappointed. Not that it’s bad for the general, youthful I’d say, public, but it holds no candle to the original. It feels exactly like what Guerlain did with Shalimar, only their flanker is much more wearable to a lover of Shalimar than Poudre is to a lover of Chanel 19.

Not to mention the fact that after 10 minutes, I could no longer smell it on my arm. Poof! It was gone.
Notes I could find: neroli, galbanum, jasmine, iris, white musk, vetiver and tonka bean.

I also got to finally smell Jimmy Choo (which for some reason I keep calling in my mind Jimmy Chang, have no idea why…).
I thought it was perfectly nice and acceptable and would probably make a good gift if you have no idea what the woman in question loves (and she isn’t a hardcore perfumista). I’ll give it some skin time next time around.
Heart notes: Tiger Orchard

Top notes: Pear Nectar, Sweet Italian Orange
Base notes:Toffee, Indonesian Patchouli

The surprise of the evening was Bulgari Jasmin Noir. The only problem is I tested it on paper and Bulgaris usually fail in contact with my skin. What appears on paper is nowhere close to what appears on me. So, I’ll give this another go on skin. 
At first, I couldn’t detect any jasmine, but then it slowly appeared and being upset with Poudre’s disappearance, I forgot to follow but I will definitely give it another go. The idea I got wasn’t noir though. 🙂

Notes: green plants juice, gardenia flowers, Sambac jasmine absolute, sateen almond aromas, dark notes of precious wood, liquorice absolute and accords of Tonka.

The last try for the evening was Kenzo’s Flower Tag. And with it, my enthusiasm for discovering more mainstream evaporated. Yep, a fruity floral. A sweet fruity-floral.

Top notes: mandarin, black currant, rhubarb

Heart: peony, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base: tea, musk, vanilla

How to wear Bulgari scents?

I’m totally baffled when it comes to Bulgari. I try them and I like the way they are done and the way they smell, but they are not me. I haven’t found a single one I can fall in love with, or at least develop a friendship so we can hang together. And it’s not that they incompatible with my skin chemistry, I think they develop just nicely.

I was shopping the other day in one of my used to be favorite perfumery in Zagreb, Martimex and I left (after spending a nice amount) with 3 perfume samples (I’m not counting 3 perfume cards). The SA sort of apologetically whispered that that was all they had. The same happened some 2 moths ago as well. So, I hope they fix it, otherwise I don’t see they have a future among Sephora, Limoni and Douglas.
Today I wanted to talk about the sample I got, Bulgari Blv, edp II.

Notes: violet, star anise, liquorice, frosted mandarine, jasmine petals, iris, fresh lily of the water, patchouli, vetiver, ambergris, benzoin, labdanum, tonka, musk.

They went completely for the blue in every sense – all the flowers, gemstones, makeup on Laetitia Casta – everything is ranging from light/frosted blue to darker blue but not really dark blue. Then it hit me, I think one of the reasons I just don’t own and wear Bulgari scents is that all of those I’ve tried, they all smelled cold and distanced. And those are not qualities I look for in anything (or anyone). But Bulgari makes it smell good. 🙂

Anyway, on to the smell itself. I had serious problems trying to discern any notes from it. It goes on fresh, cool and somewhat reminds me of aquatic (maybe beacuse of all the blue). But since I pretty much hate aquatic notes and I don’t hate this, I guess it’s just my imagination. What I got from the initial blast was that there is some flower in it (I didn’t have the notes yet) and that there was also a hint of some fruit but I didn’t think it was anything citrusy. Maybe frosted mandarin can count as something less citrusy than, you know, lemon. 🙂
In my standard fashion, I realized the opening reminded me terribly of something else I smelled, but of course I couldn’t remember. But this time, after some 30 minutes I think I know what it reminded me of – L’eau d’Issey. But it’s been quite a while since I smelled it last and I could be wrong.

So, it goes down this well blended road where I keep wondering how is it possible that they created it so seamlessly that I cannot decipher where are the individual notes? I felt totally stupid but I’ll try again soon. 🙂 I did get the opening well enough, but after that, it was – where’s jasmine, iris? I don’t smell iris. It says there’s patchouli in this, hmmm.

Even the drydown which is supposed to have all those nice, warmish notes is a mistery to me. It keeps the cool, distant aspect through it all although you can feel the underlying well maybe not exactly warmt but, warmish breeze. If the whole scent was more like the drydown, I would probably go through my samples faster. 🙂

This way, I keep wondering what is it with me and Bulgari? I had such high hopes with Omnia Green Jade after realizing the drydown is great, but it takes long to get there and I just am not a patient person.

In the end, I think they are completely correct in the manner they advertise it, it is really this nice crystal, frosted, blue fragrance.

The first blog – finally

Ok, so, first – I didn’t think it would start this way. Me, drinking a glass of wine too much and smelling Omnia Green Jade on my wrist couple of hours later after spritzing it (and after the said wine). But there you have it – everything felt right and I wanted to say how surprising it is to realize that the scent that made me do it was Bulgari’s (total surprise for someone who is not into their stuff).
I will probably write more about perfume but not today. Today one short note on Omnia Green Jade – the drydown smells absolutely wonderful on my skin (and reminds of something but I can’t remember what yet) and I’m still not sure whether that drydown would be worth buying it. I’ll seriously think about it after trying it one more time.
This seems like such a big step for me but one I was considering a while now, after getting addicted first to the world of perfume, and then to the perfume blogs (being a cosmetics addict is not relevant since that goes too far back into past). It doesn’t mean this is going to be only about perfume or cosmetics – no, I will write about pretty much everything that seems interesting to me and sometimes only to get things of my chest (even if no one is reading, although you never know, someone might…).
I see this is as the anti-stress therapy I seriously need. I deal with things by writing them not by saying them.
This being my first post, just to give a sketch of me. I have been aware of my addicted nature for quite long now. It seems it all starts out innocently and before you know it, all your friends think you’re strange for having so many body lotions, creams and shampoos and knowing so many companies they never heard of. And while you are living a content life of trying all these products, you end up reading a perfume blog and your life changes forever (in a very good sense). Ok, so it might not be that good for your banking account but hey, I don’t smoke so why not spend that money on something that actually smells nice. And by that I actually think I spend more money on this addiction than I would on cigarettes – can’t be helped though. Especially if there is a recently opened perfume institute in my lovely Zagreb: Institut Parfumeur Flores. I went there only once and now I’m curbing my urge to visit because I really can’t afford myself and I know I’ll find something I have to have immediately. Yes, I know, I have no backbone, no character. 🙂

So, my hometown became a perfumista’s paradise and I’m being strong and not visiting too often. The thing that keeps my mind off of it is reading. As this is the day for coming out, I’ll come out and confess: I read romance novels and I am proud of it. I especially love historical and paranormal romance. I do actually read other things, but this is one of my great loves – I can’t help it, I’m a naive, romantic optimist.

Before I finish for today, apologies for all the blunders I might make being a beginner (and knowing me, there are going to be some). Apologies as well to Croatian readers for making this blog in English – well, Croatia has only 4 million people while English speaking population is slightly greater.
I left this for the end. Regarding the name of the blog, I don’t define myself by being a redhead with quite short hair but it seems here where I live it is something that is going to set you apart from all long-haired blondes and brunettes which is the definition of beauty for some 80-90% of population here. I absolutely love my short red hair. And I want everyone to know it.
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