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Brave New Scents – Winners!

First I want to thank everyone for participating. 🙂

These are the most visited draws on my blog so far. 🙂

And here are the winners:

 Carmine by Christi Meshell goes to – FLAVOURFANATIC (I hope you’re having a great time in Greece). 🙂

And Avalon by Ambrosia Jones goes to – a.k.a. WARUM (Pacific coast midnight was lucky for you). 🙂

Please contact me with your addresses so I can forward them on.

Brave New Scents: Jessamine by Charna Ethier (Providence Perfume Co) and Sweet Water by Liz Cook (One Seed Perfume)

I don’t think I’ll be able to review all of the Brave New Scents, but I do want to talk about some others in the project that caught my heart.


Top notes: Cedrat, Yutu, Galbanum
Heart notes: Jasmine Auriculatum, Aglaia, Linden Blossom, Pink Lotus
Base notes: orris, hay, Tahitian vanilla Bean tincture

“Evoking Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, southern drawls, Jessamine covered verandas and the hum of cicadas.”

I can’t start by saying that this perfume evokes a cologne-ish feel at the beginning. Because even though that was the first idea that came to my head, the citrusy-green opening isn’t light and floaty, but full while at the same time beaing so fresh. I guess that is needed during Southern summer.

This freshness is soon resting upon a nutty feeling and you are happily starting to enjoy the sunny, fresh smelling flowers in the air. I can’t say I can tease out the participating flower notes but the whole feeling is yellow (and you can see some of the flowers here are yelloy, jessamine stands for yellow jasmine).

I love it that I cannot tease out the individual notes but am left with enjoying their interplay and smelling the lovely mix they made.

But, the evening in the Garden approaches and the sunny flowers are no longer playing and wafting. What we are left is a broody vanilla.
Are you sure you still want to be outside?

Sweet Water

Top notes: clementine CO2, distilled lime, basil absolute
Heart: mimosa absolute, linden blossom absolute, honey absolute, hay absolute, sweet clover absolute, jasmine sambac CO2, mint absolute
Base: tobacoo balkans absolute, amber oil, copaiba balsam, iris butter, tonka bean absolute, labdanum absolute clear, green tea absolute

The first thing that came into my mind upon smelling this was LOVELY! (and I do mean that in capital letters)
But I don’t think that would count as a perfume review. 🙂

I hope you didn’t pay much attention to the notes because they can’t convey the loveliness of this. It starts sweet and spicy, lightly fruity (I’m thinking citrusy/basil combination with mint playing along).

It’s like you are blasted by good chear. 🙂

And then the sweetness blossoms. The flowers and the honey. The real honey. The one you smell when you open your pot. For me, this pot contains chestnut honey, a slightly darker smelling version of honey.

Btw, here is where I have to say that this is not the type of honey that makes people run screaming in the other direction. The one that actually doesn’t smell like honey but like a candied, awfully synthetic imititation of one.
Here, the honey smells as honey is supposed to. And if anyone had a chance to try it, I would love to hear if someone else got the pure honey note from this.

Eventually though, honey sweetness dissipates and you are left lying in dark hay, smelling tobacco from afar.
Like I said, lovely. 🙂

Just a little reminder, you have until tomorrow midnight (October 4th) to enter for a chance of winning either Carmine or Avalon.

Jessamine pic by http://providenceperfume.blogspot.com/

Brave New Scents: Avalon by Ambrosia Jones (Perfume by Nature)

Avalon is one of those imaginary places I wish existed and I could visit it. Possibly with all the legendary characters being there at the time. 🙂

In place of that, smelling it suits me just fine.

Here is Ambrosia’s description of Avalon:

“A Magical Perfume full of sweet apples, waiting for harvest in the sacred groves of Avalon… the soft earthiness of hay drying in the fields on a soft late Summer’s eve… and as the sun goes down, the scent of incense arises and you can almost hear chanting as the Magic begins to grow around you…”

And here are the notes:
Top notes: apple CO2 and distillate, neroli

Midnotes: rose du mai, green mandarin, apple blossom accord
Base notes: labdanum, hay, fir balsam, amber acco

This is a magical perfume.

I get surprised by the opening each time I spray it. The hay in there is full of blooming flowers making the air around it fragrantly spicy. Apple orchard is close by but not much as the fragrant air bears only hints of it. And someone must have bit into an apple as it’s flavour is wafting in the air. I believe that someone prefers the apple with some nuts?
It’s already early afternoon as the sun has beat heavily on the hay to make the air so fragrant.
The late summer languidness is in the air and anything is possible.

Is magic in the air?
Or are we only imagining the possibilites, drowsing in the sun?

Possibly falling asleep and dreaming of the ambery sweetness in fragrant lands.

If only the dream would last…

And now for the best part. Ambrosia is offering a 5ml perfume oil to one lucky commenter! 🙂

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P.S. Did you know that Avalon probably comes from Welsh afal meaning apple?

Brave New Scents: Carmine by Christi Meshell (House of Matriarch)

I’m happy to be participating in the Brave New Scents project as it enabled me to learn more about the ingredients used in perfumery regardless of whether they were new – which is what this project is all about. The perfume notes that became available to perfumers after the year 2000.
They were all allowed one “wild card” note – a note that was in wide circulation before the turn of 21st century.

I have to say they all made very good use of both the brave new ingredients and their “wild cards”.
Let me tell you about it. 🙂


Notes: Hiba, Kewra, Tagetes, black pepper, Michelia alba, Michelia champaca, Davana, patchouli, vetiver, tonka, oakmoss; white copal tincture, bruizinho tincture, tobacco tincture, Chai massala tincture, Africa stone tincture, celestial amber tincture, sandalwood

Where to start?
Here is what Christi has to say about Carmine:
“A brave new perfume created in an ancient tradition, Carmine returns the wearer to a basic truth:
Nature is the Ultimate Luxury.
A formula of natural ingredients too obscure and costly for use in mass produced perfumes, Carmine offers something strange and unique to the perfume connoiseur.”

And I concurr. I’ve had such lovely time getting to know this perfume.
But now that the time has come to talk about it, the first thing to come to my mind is that I’m seduced by it. It taught me about the natural ingredients I didn’t know the smell of, we were together on a path of learning and now I’m at its mercy.

Carmine reeled me in with its easy to love fruity jungle opening. The fruitiness is hidden among the vintagey oakmoss and the green vine vibe, so that the fruity sweetness can only be glimpsed amidst all this.
There is no point in describing the notes because they all come together to transport you to a place you’ve never been before.

Although learning what hiba, kewdra and davana smell like certainly helped in making this strange place become more comforting to me.

And then you go deeper in, where the light is no longer as penetrating as it was in the beginning and the patchouli/oakmoss/sandalwood bed beckons you to rest in it. Seduction was never easier because once you hear the call, you will lie down, smile and let yourself enjoy the seduction Carmine wrought on you.
You also won’t be getting up any time soon. 😉

If you want to enjoy the strange seduction Carmine will make you experience, please comment as Christi was very generous and is offering a full 4 oz collectable crystal bottle with ground glass stopper and silver flip top (extremely expensive!).

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P.S. Pictures by http://www.matriarch.biz/ and Anya McCoy (the logo for the project).

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