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What kind of a reader am I?

It seems I won’t be doing much smelling this week. I have a cold (again) and it’s been progressing so today I’m home (no work for me). I thought I might walk through this one like I did with last 3 this season, but I’m really feeling awful and I can’t use my nose for nothing (that includes breathing as well).
So, while I can’t sniff anything, I was reading today and I finished 2 books. And that I added them on the list of 100+ challenge, I realized that I don’t know what genre can I put Sherrilyn Kenyon book into. I’ve finished the second League novel, Born of Fire and I’m wondering if I can put it onto the speculative fiction challenge since it has some science fiction and an action love story, so I guess it could belong there. But as I was wondering if that is where I can put it, I thought to myself what kind of a reader am I that I can’t even say into which genre the book I just read belongs to?!
Is it just me or do the genres overlap more and more and get ever wider and wider? I mean, this paranormal, urban, romance something did not exist 20 years ago or did it? It feels like I can no longer say with any real feeling that I know what I’m talking about what exactly am I reading. It just makes me feel stupid. All other blogs I read don’t seem to have that problem and I struggle with the feeling that I might be missing something and not talking intelligently about it because I’m not even sure what that actually is. 🙂 Did I just lose everyone with my train of thought? 🙂
So, I thought maybe putting it into words might help me, and in the end I decided to put it into speculative fiction and if I’m wrong somebody will probably point it out to me (people tend to point to mistakes one makes so I’m counting on mine not going unnoticed).
While I already mentioned Born of Fire, just a quick rundown of the book. I actually liked this one better than the first (not that anything was wrong with that one). The female character is someone I can relate to more easily than the one from the first book. The principle is the same, wronged hero, a heroine on the side of good who doesn’t initially recognize his goodness, bad stuff happening, love winning in the end. What better way to de-stress after a bad day? 🙂
And btw, what’s with book 6 in the series?! Speaking generally. I finished book 6 of the House of Night and almost hurled it across the room. All other books ended with a some kind of closure. Not book 6. Book 6 ended with an unbelievable cliffhanger. Reminded me straight away of Harry Potter book 6. Anyone read that when it came out and you had to wait 2 years (or sth like that) for the last one? I hate it when writers do that. Thank god, it’s only a few month until book 7 is out.
Now I’ve come up with a new rule. I’m not reading series with books that have number 6 out and 7 not. I’m waiting for book 7 and then reading.
Ok, that’s it from me for today. I hope I’m better soon.
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