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Woody chocolate anyone?

I should write this before it’s gone so if anyone has a liking, it can be snatched for a reduced price.
I’m talking about DSH Bois du Chocolate, a sample of which arrived with my last order and has been going around with me for weeks as it just didn’t beckon to me.

Today I decided to forget about the beckoning part and just try it. It’s wonderful! Simple yet brilliant. I don’t where this is coming from, I didn’t write this down when smelling it but now I look back to what it smelled like, I find it great.
Well, I thought it was great then as well. 🙂

Top notes: Sandalwood

Middle notes: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla
Base notes: Musk, Patchouli

Straight away I got dark chocolate and it wasn’t sweet. It was as dark chocolate is supposed to smell like. I wanted to describe that smell but the best I got is deep, dark chocolate. 🙂 And I need to work on better distinguishing variants of patchouli and vetiver, I thought I smelled vetiver and it turned out, patchouli was in the notes. But you certainly cannot miss the sandalwood. I did miss the musk and vanilla though. Vanilla isn’t surprising, as it probably underscores chocolate and is there to make it work its magic. Musk completely by-passed me, but then again, it was made clear to me yesterday, I can’t smell some musks very well (like Musc Nomade by AG, I could barely sniff it on my arm).

Anyway, I enjoyed smelling this, it’s exactly what it says, but it smells so much better than you can guess by reading the notes (or the name). Seductive but not sweet (I’m wondering now if I find the smell of dark chocolate seductive, it seems to pop out each time I smell a perfume with it).

And if I recover from my recent perfume stunts in time, while there is a bottle of this farewell item left, I believe I’ll have one. And check if men find it seductive as well. 😉

Notes and pic by: http://www.dshperfumes.com/

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