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Missed my anniversary


It seems since this is the fifth, I would have remembered the date by now.

Seems I was very wrong. 🙂

I haven’t been a very proficient writer the past couple of years but I somehow still managed to keep my blog alive and I certainly hope I will keep on doing that for quite a long time in the future as well.

As it’s my 5th blogging anniversary (or was on the 20th), I want to celebrate it by doing a little give-away.

3 lucky winners will get some Croatian chocolate and one of three of the following decants: Cuirelle, Dries Van Noten and Parfum de Therese.

You can state your preference in the comments. The draw closes Wednesday midnight.


P.S. And please leave a way of contacting you so I can notify the winners (sometimes winners forget to check back they won something).

Why I think WordPress is better than Blogger

After several months of using wordpress, I am not one bit sorry I switched over. I found there are many more benefits from using wordpress than blogger and here are some of them.

The first thing that surprised me is a wider network of sharing. I mean, blogger has tools for sharing posts as well but wordpress seems more networking oriented without you having to do much about it. And it counts all your facebook and twitter followers as followers of your blog as it posts automatically on those platforms as well. I love that! 🙂

I’m guessing this networking is also why I’m getting more spam than I did on blogger but wordpress catches it so I don’t have to really worry about that. Blogger doesn’t do it that efficiently.

One more thing is customizing the look of the site. It takes a while to learn to do it on both platforms but Blogger’s tool is so incredibly slow and unprecise that WordPress is undisputed winner here. The only minus is, WordPress doesn’t have as many free templates as blogger does.

I learned to work around the fact that WordPress can’t position the photos I add to posts where I want them as blogger did, but that isn’t difficult to manage. The good thing is, all the photos you added to posts are there, saved in wordpress so you don’t have to look for them on your computer (where I do not keep good track of them) but can be re-used very easily.

I don’t use the proof-reader built into wordpress often, but I am grateful it’s there. It certainly catches some of my misspellings before they are published. And even though I don’t really use recommended links, I like the possibility.

The one thing I am still having some problems with is following the blogs I did through blogger – I haven’t given it much time, I know wordpress has a reader tool as well, but I’m just not using it properly yet (or at all). 🙂

Generally, I find WordPress more manageable and offering easily implemented features. Works faster too (especially when it comes to customizing appearances).


The first blog – finally

Ok, so, first – I didn’t think it would start this way. Me, drinking a glass of wine too much and smelling Omnia Green Jade on my wrist couple of hours later after spritzing it (and after the said wine). But there you have it – everything felt right and I wanted to say how surprising it is to realize that the scent that made me do it was Bulgari’s (total surprise for someone who is not into their stuff).
I will probably write more about perfume but not today. Today one short note on Omnia Green Jade – the drydown smells absolutely wonderful on my skin (and reminds of something but I can’t remember what yet) and I’m still not sure whether that drydown would be worth buying it. I’ll seriously think about it after trying it one more time.
This seems like such a big step for me but one I was considering a while now, after getting addicted first to the world of perfume, and then to the perfume blogs (being a cosmetics addict is not relevant since that goes too far back into past). It doesn’t mean this is going to be only about perfume or cosmetics – no, I will write about pretty much everything that seems interesting to me and sometimes only to get things of my chest (even if no one is reading, although you never know, someone might…).
I see this is as the anti-stress therapy I seriously need. I deal with things by writing them not by saying them.
This being my first post, just to give a sketch of me. I have been aware of my addicted nature for quite long now. It seems it all starts out innocently and before you know it, all your friends think you’re strange for having so many body lotions, creams and shampoos and knowing so many companies they never heard of. And while you are living a content life of trying all these products, you end up reading a perfume blog and your life changes forever (in a very good sense). Ok, so it might not be that good for your banking account but hey, I don’t smoke so why not spend that money on something that actually smells nice. And by that I actually think I spend more money on this addiction than I would on cigarettes – can’t be helped though. Especially if there is a recently opened perfume institute in my lovely Zagreb: Institut Parfumeur Flores. I went there only once and now I’m curbing my urge to visit because I really can’t afford myself and I know I’ll find something I have to have immediately. Yes, I know, I have no backbone, no character. 🙂

So, my hometown became a perfumista’s paradise and I’m being strong and not visiting too often. The thing that keeps my mind off of it is reading. As this is the day for coming out, I’ll come out and confess: I read romance novels and I am proud of it. I especially love historical and paranormal romance. I do actually read other things, but this is one of my great loves – I can’t help it, I’m a naive, romantic optimist.

Before I finish for today, apologies for all the blunders I might make being a beginner (and knowing me, there are going to be some). Apologies as well to Croatian readers for making this blog in English – well, Croatia has only 4 million people while English speaking population is slightly greater.
I left this for the end. Regarding the name of the blog, I don’t define myself by being a redhead with quite short hair but it seems here where I live it is something that is going to set you apart from all long-haired blondes and brunettes which is the definition of beauty for some 80-90% of population here. I absolutely love my short red hair. And I want everyone to know it.
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