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Intoxication and seduction by Arquiste – Anima Dulcis

I believe I am finally getting the whole enthusiasm behind the Arquiste line. So far I only tried Anima Dulcis and I’m already thinking the rest are probably as great as this one.

I see it’s one of those brands that hide the notes and all I could find was this:

Notes include: cocoa absolute, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon, chilli infusion

The notes might make you think it’s a sweet perfume but that wouldn’t be true. There is some sweetness to it but it’s in the background. Although now I said that, I wouldn’t say anything is up front.anima d

On me it starts with a light boozy feeling accompanied by hints of anis and cuminy warmth – very seductive. Of course, I could be just imagining these things, but there is a warm “musky” feel to the start of this perfume and that is why I’m guessing some cumin but who knows, the cocoa absolute could hint at that as well.

It stays close to skin and slowly radiates its seduction off of you. Soon what radiates gives off spiciness, I thought the cinnamon possibly bolstered by some clove too. I can’t say I smell chilli but as the spiciness is unmistakable, I’m sure chilli is doing its thing.

The more you smell it, the more intoxicating it gets. I didn’t get the feeling it changed much after getting into the perfect spicy warmth skin.

I must say I haven’t smelled such a seductive conjurer of a perfume in quite some time. I am very much in love. Or possibly just very infatuated as the seduction certainly worked on me.


I have to add that the description on Arquiste site is very interesting as it mentions nuns  making cocoa infused with chilli and “making a rich experience for the senses” and all I can think is – those are some very naughty nuns there. 🙂


Pic and notes by: www.arquiste.com

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