Vacation, part 2 – Rovinj

It took much longer than I expected to get this post published. Ever since I got back from vacation, life was hectic and time to spare wasn’t to be found anywhere. Rovinj is beautiful. I kept taking photos from every possible side (they are not all here). 🙂


View from the St. Euphemia church


Steps in St. Euphemia church if you decide to climb the bell tower


The bell tower


How small streets end in Rovinj, straight in the sea


At the beach (=rocks around the town)


Walking around (the view)




Houses of Rovinj


One of the many pics of Rovinj I took


One from a boat


How it looks from the island of St. Catherine

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4 thoughts on “Vacation, part 2 – Rovinj

  1. Vanessa September 2, 2015 at 18:50 Reply

    Oh Rovinj is glorious! Ex-Mr Bonkers has been and raved about it and it is firmly on my bucket list. Loved the alleyways ending in the sea, with tiny cafes squeezed into them. There’s one a bit like that on Mykonos where patrons routinely get splashed. 😉


    • Ines September 4, 2015 at 09:40 Reply

      Vanessa, it’s time for your own ravings when it comes to Rovinj. 🙂 You travel everywhere, why not come for a visit to Rovinj?


  2. Suzanne September 3, 2015 at 15:31 Reply

    For someone in the US, the name Rovinj is completely foreign – at least in my case. I would never have heard of this secret gem of a place if not for your blog, Ines. Your photos are absolutely dreamy: it looks like the perfect summer hideaway, quiet, romantic, blue skies and old buildings (old in the best sense of the word). Thanks for sharing it with us!


    • Ines September 4, 2015 at 09:45 Reply

      Suzanne, it’s a really small town and it doesn’t surprise me you find it foreign (you’d probably be surprised at the pronunciation as well). 🙂
      It’s the type of hideaway where you get lost among tourists though. 😀


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