Toronto/GT​A Fragrance meetup

I’m sorry to say I can’t participate and I do wish a similar thing happened here so while sharing thoughts with Daniel, who is responsible for me posting this, I came to realize if I ever wanted to participate in a meetup of fragrance afficionados, great chances are ,I would have to be the one to organize it. 🙂
Oh well.

For all of you who are close to Toronto, you already have an organized meetup so just go and enjoy yourself.

Here is the info:

Date: SUNDAY July 24th, 2011
Location: Noor Boutique, 176 Cumberland St (Yorkville), 416-928-0700 (]). Nahla and Fred are the friendly owners
Time: Around 12pm/Noon to about 3:30 or so, but drop by any time. We may move around the area to some other locations at some point. Let’s see how things go and decide at the time.
To Bring: yourself &significant others / friends, any industry books or magazines, business cards, samples/decants/bottles to share/trade, etc.

original thread here –!


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