Behind times

It’s not really surprising I’m behind perfume news considering how much free time for it I have (basically none). It’s a busy time at work and after it there really isn’t that much time (or energy) left for anything but bed.

But I don’t want to bore you all with the fact I have no free time, I was more shocked with the fact that pleasantly surprised as I was with what I thought were news about the new Dior Collection Privée Elixirs Précieux (Rose, Ambre, Oud and Musc) – a short Google search showed it was only news to me. :-)

Even though it is only news to me, I got very excited after reading the French Vogue article where they said they were meant for layering. I must say I have high hopes of them smelling good by themselves and together.

Seeing though that they cost 280 €, I might have to decide they don’t really smell that great… ;-)

15 thoughts on “Behind times

  1. You do realize that the price is for a 3 (three!) ml bottle, don’t you?

    At that price that should smell… Nah, there’s no possible quality to this creation that would make me to pay that much for the layering ingridient.

    Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Dior, today I got a message from the Dior boutique’s SA that the prices for their PRive line go up. It’ll be a 20-25% hike (dependent on the size).

    • At the moment of writing, I didn’t know that (I thought it would be around 15ml for some reason).
      Then a commenter on Facebook pointed that out and I was shocked. It seems I’m behind times not only with the new releases but with the new type of pricing as well.
      I mean, WTH?! Who in their right mind puts a price like that and more importantly, who are the people who buy it?

      • They should have made those in some precious flacons and sell them (for even higher price) as an accessory.

        I will not be surprised if there’s enough people who buys those tiny bottles: why not? That layering ingridient will last, probably, longer than a pair of Dior’s shoes or their blouse – and there are enough people not even splurging on those but just buying.

        But since I’m not one of those people I cannot justify that spending.

        • You think? It’s possible (probable) that they will sell – but then I think even people who have so much money to spend on perfume would think twice about it – especially since it’s not in a precious bottle like you said.
          We’ll just have to wait and see…

  2. Totally agree, Ines. I thought the idea of layering the oils with the existing perfumes was a really nice idea – suggested pairings of Ambre with New Look 1947, Rose with Bois d’Argent and Musc with Granville. I probably would have gone for one or more because I like the Privee line but I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that price for 3ml. I don’t see how the oils could possibly warrant that and I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot really because a lot might easily be tempted at a reasonable price point.

    • Tara, I know we are all aware that the oils are priced significantly more than perfumes but this is just ridiculous. :)
      I mean, oud bottles of 3 gr (of the most precious ouds) cost 195$. I just went to check Ensar’s site.
      I definitely agree with you – they’ve shot themselves in the foot.
      I really wonder how this situation will progress. :) And how did they explain it to themselves as a valid selling technique.

  3. Do you have any idea where we can try these? I asked at Selfridges yesterday but they haven’t heard of them, and weren’t impressed by the idea at all. I would have liked at least to hold the bottle and get a feeling for the product.
    Portia xx

  4. Ines, if it makes you feel any better I had not heard of this range either! The bottles look exceedingly sleek and moody – in an almost space age way – but that is a crazy price for not much juice, however concentrated it may be. ;)

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